Graphic Makers Spotlight: jomosjinglebells


It’s the last month of the year, a long year if we are being honest. However we are still here, and as every month we bring you a graphic maker. This time we have Ashley with us, a lovely young woman and amazing klaroliner; known for her fanfics and lately for her Klaroline Christmas wonderful edits. We are sure you want to know more of one her many talents, don’t you?

Ashley fell into the mix of people that fell in love with Klaroline in 3×11. She was always a casual watcher of The Vampire Diaries but after seeing the scene Klaus and Caroline shared she found herself tuning in every week, extremely excited to see where they went with that storyline. The sad thing, in her opinion, is that she is still tuning in to see what will happen…and she points out: we all know how well that’s going for us. 😛

When asked about her addiction over doing graphics, she told us a little curious story: She has an ex-boyfriend that was a graphic designer and she spent too many evenings watching him create stuff over his shoulder. Anyhow, even though things didn’t work out between them, she still walked away with a few tricks of the trade. The computer that her husband bought from a friend had Photoshop already installed on it and so she started playing around with it and a lot of things came flooding back. She hadn’t stopped since and we are glad she hadn’t!

She doesn’t have any future plans for new stuff. She just makes things when she feels the Klaroline spirit move her. She loves the holidays though, so Holiday edits are honestly her favorite and she can find easy inspiration. She made quite a few last year too, just like this last few weeks.

The answer to the last question we made was quite interesting, so we will let you read it just like she wrote it. Do you think there is hope for Klaroline in the shows? Why?:

“Hope. What a dirty word that is now. Not only is there the slightest, teeniest, tiniest, glimmer of it left for Klaroline to actually happen in canon, it’s also the name of the one thing that is literally keeping Klaus away from his queen.

But with all that said…yes, I do think there’s hope for Klaroline. I think there’s going to come a time that the writers are going to need them. And when that day comes, I’ll be with the rest of the fandom, wild-eyed and screaming out into the night at Julie Plec and company…


Her words are full of honesty, really.

2014 is almost over and there is only one thing we would love to wish you:

Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas and Happy Hanukkah!


Check out Ashley’s work here


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