Graphic Makers Spotlight: lovelyforbes



This month in the graphic maker spotlight, we found a wonderful graphic and gifset maker, known as Emily. She is an amazing 17 year old klaroliner, who brings us joy with her work.

She started shipping klaroline last year in February. She began shipping them instantly after 3×11 but didn’t think much of it until 3×14 when Klaus first saw Caroline when she walked into the ball! She loves them because Caroline brings the light into Klaus’ life, she brings out his humanity. While Klaus brings out the vampire nature in her, trying to tell and show her that there’s a whole world out there waiting for her, reminding her that she’s beautiful and strong along the way as well. They balance each other out in Emily’s opinion. Caroline is the only person who goes head to head with Klaus and bites back. She thinks that Klaus loves her light, her honesty, her strength, and her undying loyalty towards those she loves. We love her next reason: AND I MEAN COME ON THE CHEMISTRY BETWEEN THESE IDIOTS. You can feel it vibrating off of them. Their playfulness batters towards each other. The way Klaus looks at Caroline like she’s the most beautiful creature he’s ever seen, inside and out. All in all, her love for them goes deep and they’ll always be her OTP 🙂





She doesn’t remember how she started making gifs, but she knew she just had to do something to help herself with her obsession over them by showing it through gifs.

So obviously then she began making gifs of them because she wanted to support and show her undying love for them within the fandom. And she has tons of fun coming up with new ideas and making them even if they are sad ones. Humorous ones are the best to make because it helps her cope when she is having serious klaroline withdrawals and she loves seeing other people enjoy them as well. The second reason why she loves giffing them is because when she gets positive feedback from fellow klaroline shippers, it makes her enjoy doing it ten times more!
OF COURSE, she still thinks there is still hope for our dear klaroline. She believes there is still hope because even if they aren’t together in the same place/show they’ll find their way back to each other eventually. The writers can’t just throw away the built up they did for them even if they had it “resolved” by Caroline admitting what she wanted and them with their tryst in the woods in 5×11. Klaus hasn’t had real feelings towards anyone for a long period of time until he came upon Caroline and that tells a lot about this ship. Because someone, who for centuries hasn’t given a damn about anyone, goes out of his way to make this baby vampire see all that she can be and he wouldn’t dare let her slip away. Caroline. Caroline finally admitted that she has feelings for Klaus, that she sees the GOOD in him, that she needs time because she’s baby vampire and has all these things she wants to experience and go through on her own. Klaus understands that and will be waiting. The quote of all quotes “I intend to be your last, however long it takes” says it all. And the writers of The Originals can keep throwing Klaus love interests but in the end none of them will work out because it’s Caroline, it will always be Caroline. Oh and we as a fandom won’t go down without a fight to get them back! Even if we don’t get them on same screen for god knows how long. Don’t we all love her positivity?

At the moment she is thinking and already has a few gifsets in mind and as for the future she is planning on continuing giffing them until they official close the book on klaroline and we get our moment of them riding off towards the sunset on their horse! 🙂

Check out more of Emily’s amazing work HERE

Written by Wind. Find her on Tumblr