Graphic Makers Spotlight: nfinneman



As every month, here we are again to present you one of the most talented young women in our fandom. This time we bring you Nicole as the graphic maker spotlight of the month. Her hard work making fanfiction covers and graphic inspires others to try and do the same.
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She started shipping Klaroline during 3×11, like most of us. She already shipped them before this (probably since 3×05 as a crackship) because Klaus came along and he was a sexy man with an accent and she usually likes to ship sexy men with accents with her favorite characters. So, since Caroline was (and always will be) her favorite character, it just seemed right. Side Note: she likes to live vicariously through her favorite female characters by shipping them with sexy men with accents. And that’s how her obsession over klaroline began.

She started making covers more or less a year and a half ago. She had been reading KC fanfics for about 6 months and just loving ALL of them and just began being really inspired and wanting to make something pretty, and when she saw that people made covers for fics, she figured it she’d give it a go too.

She has been making icons and graphics for over 10 years, since the times of LiveJournal and she loves it. She made so many icons and entered contests and it was fun and she was inspired to do it. Klaroline is the most recent ship since the times of Buffy/The OC/Veronica Mars that she is so in love with – the ship and/or characters – that she actually makes graphics for them. It takes A LOT for her to actually ship anything, like she says, so we think all of us should be proud of having her in our side.

“I’ve never really been anywhere.”
“I’ll take you; wherever you want. Rome. Paris. Tokyo?”


She had never made any manips before, but she saw one that someone made and she really wanted to see if she could do it. So, like that, her first cover and first manip were made. It was for “Brilliant & Pure” by CarolineElizabethMorgan and from then on, she just kept making covers for the fics that she loves.

Inspiration is definitely the key for her, in being able to make covers. If she is not inspired by a story or idea, then it’s almost impossible for her to really make a good cover. She doesn’t want to just phone it in for people because she knows that they put their hearts and souls into writing the stories, so why shouldn’t she do the same her for their covers? She just loves making covers and graphics and she can’t imagine what she would have been doing with her time if she didn’t have Klaroline and the amazing and beautiful Klaroline fandom. We would love to share with you her next comment: wow, that was some supreme cheese…

For the future, she has SO MANY THINGS on her list of ideas that she wants to do, it’s just a matter of finding the time because real life is hard sometimes. She needs to finish up her “KC Moments” set, since there are only 2 more to go. Sincerely we are very excited about it. And then she has her KC AU Series, which is, like she thinks and we agree, super fun to make and see. She has a big ton of ideas for that one as well, so we shall see where that takes her. She is also slowly getting back into cover making, which is really great since that’s what started this whole thing. She just loves making things that she thinks are pretty and fun or mean something, so for her, it’s always nice when it seems like people actually like it as well. She can’t wait to get to work on even more! And who are we to judge when we love what she

About Klaus and Caroline in the shows, she thinks there is always hope. Whether or not it happens is up to the writers, which, yes, doesn’t give her the most hopeful of feelings, but it’s hard to see them never doing it in some way. She goes back and forth on if she wants them to happen on screen for an extended period of time or to have both series end with Caroline showing up on Klaus’ doorstep. Yes, it would be nice to have more scenes to work with, for graphics and videos and cheering, but she just thinks having that, be the last scene for these characters is a beautiful way to end it. It’s all in Caroline’s hands now, so she needs to be the one that makes the next move and whether or not that’s the FINAL move? Well, she can only hope. Just like us.


Check out Nicole’s work HERE


Written by Wind. Find her on Tumblr