Graphic Makers Spotlight: royalcaliber


This month we have a lovely Klaroliner, Chrizta, as the graphic maker of the month. She is well known in our fandom, so we should know more about her and her work, shouldn’t we?

She watched TVD for the first time a couple of summers ago, and by the time she was at season three, 3×11 attacked her with feelings she was not prepared for, like most of us. Refreshing is how she described these two characters, Klaus and Caroline, we least expect to interact, and ended up having such a powerful connection. It was simply beautiful and she couldn’t stop shipping them since!

She loves them because their story set them apart from whatever else was going on with the Mystic Falls Gang. It felt like she could marathon Klaus and Caroline go on with their lives together and it didn’t need to correlate to anything else. Also, she thinks that those two dorks are most like themselves when they’re in the same scenes. In her words, they don’t need to put up this façade and for that we saw the growth and potential they could be as individual characters too, particularly during the fourth season.

She never really, REALLY got into Tumblr until KC. All of a sudden after 4×01, she was constantly on the tags, reblogging anything and everything, but she couldn’t stop there. She also hasn’t edited anything on Photoshop for the longest time. Can’t you tell she has basically been on a fandoms drought until TVD? So one day she sat down, and hours later she learned how to make gifs. Her first gif was from 4×06.

She started and continues to make gifs because she has nothing, but love for KC and it’s her way of deconstructing their relationship through parallels and AU’s. Gifs to her are visual metas, and she is a very visual person.

Her inspiration comes from anything! It could just be herself on her music vibe, and suddenly an idea pops up. She also gets ideas from other televisions shows and movies she watches, reading metas after metas, walking down the streets exploring her city; she loves that there really is no limit when it comes to being inspired!

One of our favorites “Keeping up with the Mikaelsons” is definitely still in the works. She wants to cover most of the Mikaelsons, and some of the Mystic Falls Gang. She also has an endless list of AU notes and parallel sets planned, and maybe when she finds days where she can just sit in front of the computer she can start accepting requests again as well! Wouldn’t that be awesome?

On her opinion of Klaus and Caroline in canon, she says that the writers can throw any ships involving Caroline (Carenzo anyone?) that she can be down for and she would still believe that there is hope for KC. No other ship other than perhaps Delena has garnered more fans than Klaroline, and these days TVD and TO will need Klaroline too or they will forever struggle for ratings. KC can easily fit into the storyline and it’ll make sense, but the writers just need to step up. She can believe that Klaroline was just a whim in the writers’ room, but no one could have predicted the explosion and continuous love from fans and that’s something that can’t simply be ignored.


Check out Chritza’s amazing work HERE


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