Graphic Makers Spotlight: seriouslymilady

This month we chose one of the most talented and sweetest girls in the fandom, Giorgia, as the graphic maker spotlight of the month. She is well known in our fandom for making wonderful gifsets and graphics, such as “The Queen is coming” series or various fanfic covers.

She started watching The Vampire Diaries only for Klaroline, because her sister was the one obsessed with TVD and she was never really that interested. She didn’t like the story about the girl with a pure heart who was disputed by two brothers (the good one and the bad one). She thought it was as old as her grandfather…or her grandfather’s grandfather. But one day, by chance, she watched a replay of episode 3×20 “Does not go gentle” on TV. Her heart exploded in those few minutes filled with Klaroline. She saw everything: chemistry, love, hate, passion, regret, promises, light and darkness. So, she watched the whole third season, the first, and the second and again the third… and she waited impatiently for the fourth.

When she first joined tumblr, one year ago, she began to make Klaroline graphics and gifs. She didn’t like her first works she made with Photoshop and she thought that if she was going to post that garbage people would think she was an anti Klaroline fan. Fortunately in one year she learned how to use Photoshop and make gifset, manips and many more wonderful creations. She really didn’t know what she was supposed to do on tumblr, just reblog things, write posts? She asked herself how she could express her love for the ship with her poor English. So she figured out how to use a language that anyone could understand, that combines all of them: the language of the eyes.

“The Queen is coming” series was really born by accident. She saw a picture of Caroline holding petals and she thought that she should hold a heart instead. So she quickly made TQIC and posted it hours later because she wasn’t sure if the fandom would like it. She wasn’t going to develop this idea into a kind of a series and she has to thank her followers for that. Some people think Caroline has turned her humanity off in TQIC, but that is not the case, because she loves the idea that Caroline is “human” but also accepts her dark side. The funny thing is that she started this idea with the desire to want Caroline in TO, but now she is not so inclined to Caroline in that mess. She has already prepared several more pictures; however, she will probably remove the title “The Originals”.

About Klaroline happening in canon, she gave us an example. When she was fifteen, she used to ship a crack pairing from a book.  She shipped it for two years, like there was no tomorrow and she still loves it. So, she says: Don’t you think I would continue to ship Klaroline however long it takes?

Check out Giorgia’s work HERE


Written by WindFind her on Tumblr