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It’s almost March already but you can’t finish the month before knowing who this month’s graphic maker spotlight is! We are sure you already know Rebekah though, a beautiful 19 year old woman who works with us. Let’s see what she has to say.

If memory serves her correctly, she began shipping Klaroline on August 19, 2013. Yes, she has the date memorized and in our opinion that’s a bit creepy but cool at the same time, right? It was a momentous occasion. Her shipper heart slipped from the cliff of No Return and toppled into their (Klaroline’s) hands the moment she spotted that diamond bracelet and recognized Klaus’ intentions. She recalls going on to the CW website, pouring over every synopsis for season 4 (which was not yet available on Netflix or DVD), hoping to discover what transpired next in their journey. To her current amusement, she actually thought they were going to either get together at the end of Season 4 or would be about to get together in Season 5. She adds: My, oh my, the innocent thoughts of a summer child… Indeed.

When asked about her works she told us that she started creating graphics 5 months ago. She was an artist at heart, someone who craved beauty all around herself, and there it lied, drifting across her screen one edit at a time. Why would she resist the pull to glean just a fraction of it for herself? It is a natural reaction. How many people gaze upon a Michelangelo or Bellini and fantasize about a world where they could sculpt with such detail, emotion, and precision? How many stare at a Van Gogh and wish they too could convey such a frenzied, yet structured masterpiece that would inspire reverence for generations to come? She does, and when she would look at the creations of tumblr graphic makers, she was filled with that same desire. She wanted to finally stop wishing she could create an edit and just do it for once. Her words truly delight us: It is a simple matter of choosing to become what I admired.

We are so happy knowing she has future plans regarding graphics:  “I am struggling not to laugh at the moment because oh yes, I have a great many more graphics in mind. I actually have a list. I jot down quotes and scenes and at times textures on various slips of notepaper because if I don’t, I may forget.”

She wants to master almost every tutorial she sees. Geometric line art Klaroline, sketch Klaroline, color porn Klaroline, Newspaper Klaroline (their bodies are constructed of pieces of “newspaper” that one creates with whatever text one wishes) Also, she actually wants to do a Klaroline AU Comic style! However, that tutorial keeps stumping her on the most essential facet.

She has plans for an Original! Klaroline AU. There are scribbles on MF/NOLA shipper story AUs where they are all fighting for Klaroline endgame. Yet, at the moment, she is working on (and growing frustrated with) a Klaroline Book. It is supposed to be designed as an antique fairy tale novel, but we will see. She is three steps away from abandoning hope but we can’t let her give up! One may realize just how busy her brain is, constantly dreaming up a thirteenth new concept before she has finished the first one.

Her answer when asked about hope for Klaroline is just amazing and you should all read it: “No matter how deep into my emotional reserves I have to delve, my answer is yes. There is always hope for Klaroline. Unless asked, I rarely look at articles about the ships anymore. Thus, do not take what I type as law. I am simply speculating. At the moment, Steroline does not feel permanent. Their emotions are up in the air. Also, the show adheres to the notion that one is happiest when in love. Thus, if the ship does dissipate, then, Caroline will not stay single for long. Many may be frustrated with that reasoning because they long for her to be single and explore herself, but the show does not cater to that concept. Thus, they would turn their eye towards the only alternative she has – Klaroline. Unlike any male on TVD, Klaus is romantically unattached. Furthermore, his relationship with Caroline still has such a magnetic hold on the audience that the cast and crew still consider us a force worth placating, if Executive Producer Julie Plec’s latest interview is anything to go by. In conclusion, yes, Klaroline still has hope. It is one of the two remaining ships in the Endgame Ocean where Caroline is concerned, so I say just keep doing what we are already doing: keep calm and revel in fanon.”

Check out Rebekah’s wok HERE

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