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How To Spot A Klaroline Shipper



If I’ve learnt anything from Harry Potter and The Hunger Games and various other book series, it’s that sometimes the resistance movements have to go underground for safety reasons and it becomes so much more difficult to find your people in dire times like these. So to help you make love connections quicker, so that you have other Klaroliners to share the feels with, here are some tips to spot Klaroline shippers in everyday situation.

Although if you approach them and they claim to never have seen The Vampire Diaries, point them towards this video because they are missing out on the most amazing couple this world has ever seen.

*starts whistling ‘Give Me Love’ while sticking 4 fingers in the air (to signal the season of Klaroline of course*

  1. Constantly breaks into tears when Ed Sheeran’s Give Me Love plays

Damn this song, damn it to hell! The minute I hear the opening beats of this song, I’m already curled up in the foetal position with my emergency ice-cream tub and my childhood blanky. It just hurts so much. Not because the first time I heard the song was when they danced to it in 3×14 and there was ‘I fancy you’ and bracelets and horses and champagne, I had so much hope back then (hope the emotion, not the tribid baby) but it’s the damn lyrics too, he just wants love like her, he just wants to her to give some time to him.


  1. 5:11 is always their favorite time of the day

I’ve heard many variations of this, for some it’s 4:07 for others it might be 4:23 or others still it’s 3:11 but because I’m old and I’m not usually up in the middle of the night but I wake up at 4:30 every morning for work and by 5:11 I’m usually dressed or reading my daily smut over breakfast but  when my clock changes over to that sacred time, I have a minute of silence for Klaroline, the fandom, the pain that we’ve been through, R.I.P Klaus and Caroline’s character deterioration and Julie Plec’s mental state.


  1. They tend to doodle KC on everything they find: paper, metal, desks

Stationery is my thing, and even though I sometimes feel like my Macbook is another one of my appendages, I do like to write with the good ol’ pen, but many times if my mind is running idle (which is more often than not) I tend to doodle KC all over my page, both those letters seem to loop so well together, they always look beautiful. Sometimes I will end up writing their full names but I like to pretend that Klaus and Caroline commissioned me to design their logo for their monogrammed towels for the new home. But I always keep my designs ready if they ever see the need to hire me.


  1. They drink copious amounts of champagne while silently muttering ‘it’s our thing’

I’ve never been a fan of champagne, it just didn’t sit well with me, I would have a sip on New Years every year but that was as far as my love affair with the bubbly went until that damnable Christmas episode when Klaus asked Caroline if that’s their thing. Since then, my palate has become my customized to champagne, and whilst I still don’t actively seek it out, I do drink the odd glass on special occasion and toast to the couple of my heart.


5. If you watch a movie with them, they tend to start talking about how a thousand year old vampire and young cheerful vampire can fit into the main roles

Let’s be honest, we have gone to watch a romantic comedy and the moody ‘I shall never fall in love’ male lead and the optimistic, always overlooked heroine has your mind wandering into Klaroline territory. And then all you can do is imagine AU’s of them in the same situation, and then you go looking for or requesting fics with them in that situation, or the talented ones write their own.


  1. Whenever they see a hummingbird, they stop to listen to it’s heartbeat

I don’t know how possible this is because I try not to go outside too much, but I do have friends who do weird things like hike or walk in nature and they have said when they see a hummingbird flapping its’ little wings they are reminded of how fleeting human life is, and I thought that observation is oddly Klaus-like.


  1. When you ask them what cities they want to travel to the most they say ‘Paris, Rome, Tokyo’

In that order. Which might seem like a random arrangement of cities to the naked ear but those three places, especially in that order hold such a special place in the heart of Klaroliners because even in the dire times, that was a promise Klaus made to Caroline. I’ll take you there. And we will wait however long it takes until Klaus fulfills his promise.


  1. They suddenly take up horse riding and when you ask them why they say it’s because horses are more loyal than people

 Hmmm, that’s an extremely cynical point of view for an ordinary human, but there is so much to admire about the loyal steads. Horse riding is an elegant hobby and especially great for those who have been betrayed by humans a number of times.


  1. All of a sudden when they have crush on someone they say that they ‘fancy’ them – even if they aren’t British

It begins simple enough, with ‘fancy’ or perhaps endearments like ‘love’ or ‘sweethearts’ but soon they will have adopted a full on English accent, inviting you over for tea and crumpets and breeding corgis.


  1. They have an attraction to artists, or serial killers, any of the two basically

Their small talk with potential suitors go from ‘so what’s your favorite color?’ to ‘show me on this napkin how you would draw me’ or ‘if i had to poison someone here tonight, how would you suggest I get rid of the body?’


  1. They always feel the need to sit on a bench when they see it

I ship Klaroline with benches (although I also ship them with trees, beds, walls, floors, you catch my drift) but I have this strange feeling when I sit on a bench that I’m strangely connected with them. On days when I feeling my lowest, I take a bottle of champagne, curl up on the bench in my garden and cry while playing ‘Give Me Love’ on my phone.


  1. Their favorite decade is the 1920s

Everyone has a favorite decade. One that if they had to go back in time Midnight In Paris-style would be their first choice. And while I believe every decade has their pros and cons, Klaroliners tend to gravitate towards the 1920s where the ‘girls were reckless, sexy, fun. They literally used to dance until they dropped.‘

There is this type of old school, Gatsby-esque glamor of the 1920s which just seems to suit Klaroline so well, which coupled with the replay of them dancing to The Man I Love  in 3×20 has cemented this as being the Klaroline decade.


  1. If you are dating one, they will have a need to have sex against tree

Hiking, birdwatching, hunting, all these activities would prove to be difficult as your partner will always want to get busy against the closest bark brother. Might cause scratchy skin, bugs on your skin, sand in awkward places.


  1. They are extremely distrustful of she-wolves especially fertile ones

Okay this is a bit far out because what occurred between Klaus and Hayley was just as much Klaus’ fault as Hayley’s, also how often do you see a she wolf? But ever since the atrocities of S4E20, Klaroliners have been highly suspicious of female wolves and what they might mean for their ship.


  1. Every night before they fall asleep, they mutter to themselves ‘however long it takes’ as a sort of prayer

We hold onto that godforsaken phrase as if its our last lifeline, it’s a sort of greeting, a way to appease our broken heart, a salute, and pretty sure that’s what it will say on my tombstone and I hope future generations will interpret as meaning however long it takes for the death to rise again and think I was some weird, wise philosopher. That’s one of my goals in life.


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