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How to Write Fluff and Not Over Do It


Urban Dictionary defines fluff as Β ”A kind of fanfiction which has a happy ending or generally happy content”, I see it more as just a general Klaroline story that makes you smile and your heart melt from all the adorable chemistry. But as much as we all love fluff there happens to be a line that if crossed makes a story too cute and way too mushy. And although it sounds nice now, sometimes reading too much loving Klaroline becomes too much and the readers start to crave more angst or just stop reading the story which isn’t pleasant either.

There are a few simple guidelines that can be followed in order to not over do it but still manage to write very adorable fluff between our favorite couple.


1- Β Flaws

Everyone has them and believe it or not but flaws work very successfully in multi chaptered stories. No relationship is perfect so flaws can get in the way but they end up being little bumps in the road that every couple has to go through in order to solidify their bond. Flaws are a writer’s best friend because they can be taken from the shows themselves or they can be added as you go along. Using them to test the relationship between Klaus and Caroline can help stir up some drama for a few chapters of angst to pull in the audience further.


2- Unexpected Guests

So remember when you were reading a fanfiction, Klaus and Caroline were cuddling or kissing or maybe they just realized how deep their feelings for one another may be, then all of a sudden an ex, an estranged parent or an old demon/enemy arrives to remind the couple that their calmness would be replaced soon? That is also a very good approach to mixing it up without a predictable aspect because with characters, the plot is all your own in this cause. You can make the usual ex or maybe the bitter family member ready to spill a major secret. It all depends on what you feel comfortable with writing but make sure that you angst it up, there is no better fluff appreciation than after some angst.


3- Random Events

Death, break ups and fights are just a few out of nowhere (maybe with some buildup) problems that temporarily mess with a relationship or with the calm fluff that has been going on. Death usually lasts for a few chapters but it gives each character a new perspective that even happens to change the direction of the story itself at times. Although these usual upsetting news aren’t always the best they do cause a chain of events later on that eventually get resolved therefore bring Klaroline back together for more fluff.


Overall, don’t allow fluff to go over 5 chapters maximum without a small angst because it will get too loving and uninteresting since in real life problems happen and the true test of love is how a couple overcomes the problems in their lives. Therefore a fanfiction only gets better with the couple and how they react to obstacles. Once you throw that in a few times, you can add fluff without worrying that you are overdoing that or that your readers are losing interest. From my experience Klaroline fans love fluff (with a mix of smut sometimes). So honestly fluff is one genre of Klaroline fanfiction that never gets under appreciated, you can never go wrong with Klaroline fluff; cuddling, adorable dates or just in love Klaus and Caroline is something all shippers appreciate. So my advice would be to write fluff however you want but if you are the kind to worry over if it’s too much, angst and smut is a definite bonus to a good story.


Write away my fellow writers!

Written by Yana. Find her on Tumblr and Twitter