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Drabble of the Week: Illuminations By JeDorsToutLeTemps

Hello sweets! This week Illuminations by JeDorsToutLeTemps was chosen for Drabble of the Week.

It is set in an All Human universe and somewhere around the 1950s. Klaus and Caroline are childhood besties, like they have practically seen each other in diapers. But they are torn apart for some reasons.

Now, in high school, one day during lunchtime, Caroline keeps looking at her ex-best friend while recalling her sweetest memories with him. Despite the fact she’s with her friends she seems lost. And that’s when Enzo accidentally spills milk on her.

Klaus suddenly jumps to his feet and goes all ninja mode with Enzo, believing he’s hurt her. Caroline has to tell Klaus to back off and she’s fine. And that’s how they will mend the bond.

It’s cute to see them patching up their relationship at last, especially after Klaus himself stopped talking to her. His naturally possessive side and bad temper showed up in this one-shot. In the end, Klaus and Caroline are going to be on good terms.


Read it HERE and let us know your thoughts!