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Klaroline Interview with Most Optimistic and Most Underrated Twitter Award Winner @KlarolineLilacs

The blogs team got the chance to chat with Spencer – a 19 year old Klaroline shipper who has been in fandom for a whopping four years now, and winner of Most Optimistic and Most Underrated twitter awards in this years KC awards.

KM: Tell us about yourself! 

Spencer: Hie, my name is Spencer. The entry of the Mikaelsons’ was actually what hooked me on to TVD and immediately after the airing of 3×11 Klaroline became my religion, with Klaus and Caroline being the first couple I ever shipped I was so affected by them that I went online asap, googling trying to find videos, news, literally anything relating to KC, I also remember binging every weekend and all my free time reading their fanfictions. And it’s safe to say that episode of Caroline’s birthday sealed my fate.

KM: Congratulations on winning not one, but two awards in this years Klaroline Awards. How did it feel when you found out you had won?

Spencer: First of all, I had no idea about my wins (OMG!) until the next day of the announcement, my phone was bombarded with notifications and I remember pausing, getting so excited thinking maybe we got some Klaroline news lol, I still don’t know if I was happy I won not only one but two categories *internally screams* or sad there was no KC news lol. But regardless of my mixed emotions, the one word that kept flashing in and out of my mind was the word “blessed”.

KM: What does the Most Optimistic Twitter Account award mean to you?

Spencer: Winning “Most Optimistic Twitter Account” is unbelievable, this win would have not been possible if the people in this fandom was not as supportive and positive as they are. The fandom is one of the biggest reasons I’m still here for rooting for Klaroline, so, I definitely want to dedicate this award to the fandom. THANK YOU for being a constant anchor to my love and optimism for Klaroline.

KM: What does this Most Underrated Twitter Account award mean to you?

Spencer: To win “Most Underrated Twitter Account” is I think a big accomplishment for me because I was nominated in this category even last year and to cinch this win just means even more. To be acknowledged and to be voted and to win is just..wow, nothing compares to this feeling.

KM: Is there anything you’d like to say to those who nominated and/or voted for you in this category?

Spencer: To all those who nominated and voted for me- I just can’t believe you guys did this for me! You crazy, beautiful lot of people, I just love you guys so much! Thank you for making me experience the feeling of winning(I don’t win a lot in life, lol). You queens continuously give me reasons to keep loving this fandom and I just hope I return the love back to you guys.
Also, congrats to all the other winners and nominees, I think the biggest win for all of us will be when Klaroline is endgame at the end.
A big THANK YOU to all the people who made the “Klaroline Awards” possible. You guys do so much and we are all so grateful for it.

KM: And lastly, what are your hopes for Klaroline in the future?

Spencer: Klaroline is Eternal and the alpha himself said that he intends to be her last so damn if I’m going to give up on them. It maybe in a day, in a year or even in a century but mark my words, Klaroline is made to be endgame and I’ll wait and fight for them to rise however long it takes.