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Interview with Klaroline Awards Best Caroline Blog Winner: queenvampirebarbie



The blogs team had the immense pleasure of interviewing this year’s winner of best Caroline blog, Cassie. She is known on tumblr as queenvampirebarbie. Cassie is a huge Caroline stan and she is the blog moderator of several Caroline blogs including carolinestans, carolinesnetwork and dailycraccola. She also moderates klarolineshipperclub and klarolinestans blog as well. She’s one of those bright lights in our fandom that sees the good in everything and focuses on the positive rather than the negative. She’s also a very busy bee if you ask me 😉

KM: Why don’t you tell us a little bit about yourself?

Cassie: My name is Cassie and I’m your typical 18 year old college student. I joined Tumblr about a year ago because I realized there are a lot of people in love with TVD and Klaroline like I am. I’ve loved TVD since I started watching it and Caroline became my favourite character of all time in season 2.


KM: What was your reaction when you found out that you were nominated for the KC Awards?

Cassie: I was SUPER HAPPY and SHOCKED. I couldn’t believe I was nominated for not just one KC award but three! I was pretty much screaming inside and had to tell some of my close friends about it because I was just so happy.


KM: What Categories were you nominated in?

Cassie: -Best Caroline Blog

-Best Caroline URL Blog

– Nicest Blog

– Best Underrated Gifset Maker

-Best Underrated Video – Only You

But the three I chose to run for were:  Best Caroline Blog, Best Underrated Gifset Maker, and Best Underrated Video – Only You


KM: If you voted, did you vote for your favourites or yourself?

Cassie: Both!


KM: Were you shocked that you won in the categories you were nominated in?

Cassie: YES of course I was! I mean I was up against some amazing people.


KM: Not based on the polls: If you hadn’t won, who of the nominees would you have liked to see win in the categories you were nominated in?

Cassie: Carolinestans that is my side-blog that I run with some other lovely people it’s an appreciation blog dedicated to Caroline.  For Best Underrated Video obviously Coldrequiem, since there was only two of us nominated for that award and that video was brilliant.

I just want to say thank you so must for the opportunity to be awarded for something I truly love doing. This fandom is amazing and I’m really glad to be a part of it.


Check out Cassie’s blog HERE


Interview conducted by Cindy. Find her on Tumblr and Twitter

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