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Interview with Klaroline Awards Best Comedy Author Winner: jomosfamilyjewels



I had the chance to interview Ashley aka jomosfamilyjewels who is the won best comedy author in the klaroline awards 2014. She’s written many amazing klaroline fan fictions, one of them being Beauty and the Geek which won best comedic fiction for 2014.

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KM: How did it feel to be nominated for The Klaroline Awards, and how does it feel to win?

Ashley: Well being nominated is great because, voting aside, the fact that enough people thought of me to get me on the list felt like an achievement. There are a ton of talented people out there, new people that are springing up every day with their writing, so to still be considered a frontrunner in an every growing community is pretty awesome.

As for winning? I mean…it’s awesome! I’ll admit, I refreshed the Winners page  quite a bit, waiting for the Comedy Fic to be revealed. The other writers nominated are all very talented, and Beauty and the Geek has been around for awhile now, so it made my day knowing that it’s a Klaroline comedy that will continue to be read and people will continue to laugh and smile when reading it.


KM: How did you get into the comedy genre?

Ashley: Oh, I love this question! Okay, so I love so many Klaroline stories. I was reading, reading, reading and had even started writing my own story (Cowboy and Indians) which was getting a fair amount of love and support from readers. Needless to say the majority of what I was finding was a lot of drama, doom and gloom, and angst, because it’s a vampire show, so dark undertones were sort of a given.

That was until I read Paradise for the Lost by liarfaker. It was so funny and creative and made me laugh so much. So much so that I sought Kate out and forced her to be my friend. My little Polish delight, with her awesome comedy and amazing talent.

We started writing a story together under the Penname, Soap Factory, that was so much fun but sadly never got finished. However, writing with her sort of gave me the confidence with my comedy and one day after watching the Big Bang Theory, the plot bunny for Beauty and the Geek formed and away I went.

I also found that comedy is hard to write. I’m a very visual person, so trying to convey a really funny antic or speech onto paper is definitely a challenge, and I like to be challenged.


KM: What the usual process of writing a comedy?

Ashley: Hmmm, well for Beauty and the Geek, I based a lot of it off of episodes of the Big Bang Theory that were especially clever and funny to me. So I definitely incorporated a lot of that to the earlier part of the story, until it took on a life of its own and the comedy had to come from me and not the TV. LOL.

For me the process is simple: visualize the humor, try to convey the humor the best way possible, and then finally make sure my Betas think it’s actually funny. If they laugh…I’ve done my job.


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KM: What did you think about the people you were up against and the competition you had?

Ashley: Well, I’m aware of most of their writing and I know how good they all are. immortalpen, Wreckless Righter, Lovely Vero, I mean have you read their stuff? It’s fantastic! So I definitely knew they had the talent to win for sure and I wouldn’t have been surprised if one of them had.


KM: How different is the process of writing comedy than writing romance for example?

Ashley: See, that’s the thing. For me, romance and comedy should be molded together more often. It’s great to feel that ooey-gooey feeling in your stomach when reading pretty proses and intense feelings. The ups and downs and growing tension of a new love beginning to blossom, but falling in love can also be silly and embarrassing, and filled with unexpected moments. Moments that you look back on and just laugh at how ridiculous you were. The things you said, the fears you had…I mean falling in love is just a mess, so why not focus on the mess in a fun, lighthearted way?

  I think that’s what I loved most about writing Klaus in this fic. It was an opportunity for me to write about the less confident parts of him. Yes, I was mirroring him with Leonard from Big Bang, but I’d like to think that although we see this confident, no shit taking Klaus on TVD, when he’s with Caroline he becomes this insecure and slightly pathetic version of himself.

  I just amplified these characteristics for Klaus and all the characters in Beauty and the Geek, which is what comedy is in a nutshell. It’s highlighting all the wonderful, embarrassing, and fantastic moments in our life that make us angry, happy, sad, horny and then finding humor and laughter in all of it.


KM: Lastly, what can we expect from you next?

Ashley: Next…next…next…well…

I’ve updated Cowboys and Indians and plan on finishing that sometime this century. LOL. It was my very first multi-chapter fic and so I feel a sort of obligation to make it great, no matter how long it takes.

 I’ve also just started a new Two shot, maybe Three depending on how it goes, called Financial Benefits. That’s been fun to write, and has been flowing pretty easily, so an update will be pretty soon.

 Lastly, I’ve been mulling around ideas for a sequel to Beauty and the Geek, but I’m not making any promises. I loved those characters and I think there may be more story to tell with them.

That’s it on the writing front, other than that I’m just enjoying being part of this awesome fandom and seeing all the amazing things being created every day.


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Written by Hind. Find her on Tumblr