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Interview with Klaroline Awards Best Klaroline URL Blog Winner: kcismyreligion



The blogs team had the honor of interviewing this year’s winner of Best Klaroline URL, Iphigenia. She is known on tumblr as kcismyreligion. Let’s just be honest…we do worship this couple as the king and queen that they are. Iphigenia is an optimist who loves klaroline just as much as the rest of us.

KM: Why don’t you tell us a little bit about yourself?

Iphigenia: I’m 21 year old college student who watches almost every tv show that exists, falls a lot, hates anything cold and I’m probably that awkward friend in the movies that breaks things and falls from stairs lol. But above all I have been a Klaroliner since before 3×11 that still waits and believes our two babies will be together because their love story is an epic one!

KM: What was your reaction when you found out that you were nominated for the KC Awards?

Iphigenia: I was very happy and surprised! I love my url (never changed it) and think it really shows what Klaroline means to me and i was thrilled other people liked it too!!

KM: What categories were you nominated in?

Iphigenia: Just this one!!

KM: If you voted, did you vote for your favourites or yourself?

Iphigenia: I voted for my favourites cause have you seen how many talented people we have? All the gifs and graphics and videos and jokes and posts and we have a FREAKING magazine! This fandom is extra crazy and extra talented, I mean i think we all had trouble voting because they were so many people that deserved the awards

KM: Were you shocked that you won in the categories you were nominated in?

Iphigenia: Yes, i was! I am not so active lately cause of uni stuff and it was nice to see that people still remembered me and voted for me! So i want to thank them one more time!

KM: Not based on the polls: If you hadn’t won, who of the nominees would you have liked to see win in the categories you were nominated in?

Iphigenia: That’s a very hard Question because Yana (which i love to the stars) and Alex (who is perfect and one of the best writers) have been my friends almost from the start! And Sara is freaking amazing so if any of them had won it would have been a victory to me!


Check out Iphigenia’s blog HERE


Interview conducted by Cindy. Find her on Tumblr and Twitter

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