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Interview with Klaroline Videos Fan Rebekah


Check out our interview with Klaroline Video fan, Rebekah, (thedenimofrose), what type of videos she enjoys and what her favorites are.

KM: First off, why don’t you tell us a little bit about yourself?

Rebekah: My name is Rebekah, Klaroline OTPer and Endgame Optimist. People oftentimes comment upon my smile, seemingly, because it makes others feel welcome and I unconsciously do it all the time. I am labeled, on occasion, an old soul in a young body, and one may occasionally find me writing enormous, profound essays to questions that required two sentences. We will see how I do during this interview. *fingers crossed*


KM: What made you ship Klaroline?

Rebekah: Have you ever struggled to find the perfect fit to something? And you may not know what you are looking for exactly, but you will know when you see it. Klaroline had been that for me.

When I reached 3×11, I had not been satisfied with a Caroline pairing for quite some time, and my perpetual prayer as I binge-watched the show was that she would attain someone who could give her more. I longed for a relationship that would meld more thoroughly with her character and propel her to greater heights; I was awaiting this moment with fingers crossed and bated breath, and then, 3×11 manifested upon my screen.

The moment I saw the diamonds of that bracelet shimmer in the rays of sunlight, I immediately bought a ticket for the S.S. Klaroline―I had found my ship. I do not at the moment possess the meta abilities to appropriately dissect the reasons why that ship was the perfection I had started craving since season one, I can only say that it was an intuitive feeling, as if my subconscious registered something my conscious mind had yet to realize: they were made for each other.


KM: As a fan of Klaroline, what type of videos do you prefer to watch (AU, smutty, angsty, fluffy…)?

Rebekah: Well, it depends on what one considers fluffy. I don’t watch angsty or smutty videos (sometimes there is smut in there, but I am not intentionally seeking it―eheh). Usually, I just choose videos with music that entices me. Instrumental music tends to greatly invigorate me with passion and feels, depending on the pace of the rhythm. I also like music that allows a video to incorporate dark Klaroline or is just wondrous music to which I can sing along or dance.


KM: Are there any Klaroline videos that you find yourself constantly watching?

Rebekah: Yes! *rubs palms together* Let me present you my list. Now, to keep this list from being unbalanced and inaccurate (I have a tendency to watch or listen to the same thing continuously until I tire of it, and I think it would be erroneous to only state one video, since I tend to only have one fascination at a time) this list will encompass all of my Klaroline video fixations from the past year (since I started shipping).

You’ve fallen for her by xostelenaforeverox (and many others by this same vidder).

Marry me by Juuh Beluzzo.

First love by xMoonDust.

Belong by live.laugh.love (the one to which I return the most).

Timeline (until end of season four) by mikaelsonswife.

Perhaps one day by tinycherry30.

101 reasons to ship Klaus and Caroline by chloeclee.


KM: If you knew how to make fan videos, what would you make?

Rebekah: I am not certain, to be honest. I hope it would be something entertaining. However, I would probable try my hand at a lyrical/instrumental song that changed in tempo, because I enjoy those videos greatly. I would migrate from slow and infused with feels to a crescendo, and I would hope that every second succeeded to capture just a fraction of the elusive beauty that is Klaus and Caroline.


KM: If you were the director of The Originals and you had to create the scene where Klaus and Caroline are finally reunited, how would you do it?

Rebekah: I have envisioned her just walking into his house at the end of one episode but then whoosh away at the sight of him, not ready to confront the truth, and him knowing intuitively that she had been in the room and chasing after her and, to her dismay, calling out her name in an abandoned street, halting her steps.

But I am no director. I am just a shipper who knows that, no matter how it transpires, IC Klaroline will be breathtaking to behold, and that once they are reunited again he will gaze at her with such yearning, for he has ached for her every day. How long has it been since he has witnessed the beauty of that frown or had the pleasure to heart that Forbes scoff that is never quite as disgusted as she wishes? I know that the man and the monster will be both brought down to their knees as they utter in shock and a shimmer of the long forgotten emotion called peace, “Caroline”. I just know that I will be crying and caressing the screen that displays their reunion before my starved shipper heart, unable to fangirl in words besides, possibly, incoherent mumbling.


KM: One last, very important question―your favorite Klaroline shipper on TVD/TO?

Rebekah: Oh, Damon. Hands down. He spread the Klaroline gospel as if it was his sole mission (it is) on Earth. He really made me grin ten thousand times in the second half of season five with his Klaroline obsessed self. He was like a fledgling shipper, “Did you hear the gossip?” (however, I have to say that if one considers Defan as a whole, they are the true leaders of the ship; maybe even Defanzo―mmh).

Check out Rebekah’s blog HERE

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