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Author Interview with the klaroline awards Best Overall Author and Best Caroline Author 2016: Livingdeadblondequeen

Hello lovely people! I got the opportunity to interview Miranda also known as livingdeadblondequeen on fanfiction.net, who was voted as the Best Overall Author as well as Best Caroline Author in the 2016 Klaroline Awards.  Congratulations Miranda!

Check out the interview here:

KM- To those people who don’t know you, quickly describe who you are as a fanfiction writer and Klaroliner.

livingdeadblondequeen- Well several people call me the Mom of the fandom because I’m always up for helping the others in the fandom with advice or whatnot. As for fanfiction writer, I’ve been writing Klaroline fanfic and smut since 2012 as well as helping with the magazine in some say since the beginning.

KM- Congratulations on your awards! How does it feel to know that you have been voted as Best Overall Author and Best Caroline author?

livingdeadblondequeen- Thank you! It feels amazing, and I was super surprised when it was announced.

KM- Looking at your stories, they are very different and one of your most famous ones is The Only Hope for Me is You which is set in the AH Universe. How did you go about writing this seeing as it is not only AH, but has Klaus being a father?

livingdeadblondequeen- Honestly I don’t completely remember how I decided to make Klaus a father. I know I had just recently read Best of Me and that inspired me for how I knew I wanted to write Caroline but I think with Klaus, it just popped into my head. I do know though that I decided early that Klaus’ love for his family in the show was going to dictate the kind of father he would be in my fic. I couldn’t see him being an absentee one, not with family being so important to him. after that, I kind of mirrored his parenting after my own experience as a single parent.

KM- How do you manage to keep Caroline’s character so in character in every one of your stories, no matter how different the stories may be?

livingdeadblondequeen- First off, thank you for saying that. As for how I do it, I think it’s because she and I are so alike. Except for the obvious vampirism, we have a lot of things in common with our histories and insecurities, as well as having personalities that are controlling and detailed oriented minds.

KM- So I know you won best Caroline Author, would this mean she is your favorite character to write or do you have any others?

livingdeadblondequeen- Caroline is definitely my favorite character to write. I’ve liked her since I first started watching the show as a casual viewer. Katherine is also fun to write, as is Kol if I’m going for comic relief.

KM- What genre do you enjoy writing about the most?

livingdeadblondequeen- Hmmm, I love writing supernatural, it is challenging for me though because I have issues with the darker stuff and making sure it is IC.

KM- What is your opinion on the Klaroline Awards event?

livingdeadblondequeen- I love the awards. I came into the fandom not long before the 2012 awards and I have loved every year despite the drama the last few years. It exposes me to drabbles, stories, blogs, and videos that I might have missed before. I super appreciate all of the hard work that the coordinators put into it.

KM- What inspires you to write?

livingdeadblondequeen- Well the crazy chemistry of KC of course, my brain full of ideas, and our fandom. Their encouragement and kind words definitely inspire me.

KM- Do you suffer with writer’s block, and how do you manage to overcome this?

livingdeadblondequeen- I have suffered from writer’s block in the past. I actually suffered from it in my past fandom and did no writing for about 5 years, until I fell for Klaroline. Since then, I’ve had several bouts of writer’s block as well as writing anxiety. As for overcoming it, I think some of the anxiety never goes away but keeping with it and trying to write through it, even if it’s just a few lines here and there or ideas helps.

KM- What advice would you give to other Klaroliners who may be afraid of posting stories themselves or taking the plunge with their own writing?

livingdeadblondequeen- Don’t be intimidated, every writer you have read has been in your spot before and we all know what it feels like. Also, I think it helps to have your writing looked over by someone you trust. They don’t have to beta it for grammar or anything, just read it over and make sure you got across what you wanted to. I have a habit of thinking people can read my thoughts so I have to make sure I get everything explained


You can check out her stories HERE.