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Hey Klaropeeps! The magazine got the opportunity to interview Julie, known as Uppity Bitch on fanfiction.net. Julie won the award for Best Comedic Author in the 2016 Klaroline Awards. Congratulations Julie! Check out what she had to say here:

KM- For those who don’t know you, quickly describe who you are as a fanfiction writer and Klaroliner.

Uppity Bitch- My aesthetic is writing Caroline as a strong, intelligent woman. I take issue with media in this day and age still portraying women as inferior creatures whose main contribution to a storyline is to further the male character’s development. I like portraying Klaroline as equals and soulmates who respect and value each other as partners.

KM- The series is quite serious (putting aside the crap that happened since Kevin left), therefore the characters are pretty serious and dangerous. How do you go about writing them within a comedy genre?

Uppity Bitch- Honestly, the more serious a storyline or character arc, the easier it is to make fun of. Have you seen Stefan’s hair lately? That over-gelled dead possum perched on top of Stefan’s neck is just asking for it. The husband and I have a theory that it grows poofier every time he says something hypocritical. We were going to turn it into a drinking game, but feared alcohol poisoning. I have this sarcastic humor/dark comedy side that practically demands I make jokes immediately following a tragedy… sometimes while the event is still happening, just because I look to comedy to make me feel better about a situation.

KM- Which character would you say is the most challenging for you to write?

Uppity Bitch- Elijah is tough for me because pompous is not my default setting. When trying to get into his head, I close my eyes and think back to one of the thousands of bland lectures I received from my parents when I was getting grounded in high school. Who knew those would actually prove useful all these years later?!

KM- Where do you draw the line, in terms of writing a comedic story and crack humor?

Uppity Bitch- I thought I had a line, and then I wrote the one-shot in my drabble series, A Beautiful Symmetry, about the fast food franchise that stole Elena’s diary and turned into the tackiest restaurant chain imaginable. So I’m apparently still searching for that line…

KM- Looking at your stories, they are all so different and the settings and plot are all so creative. How do you manage to make each story unique and different?

Uppity Bitch- I try to avoid writing something that I’ve seen done before, because I worry that it won’t be as good as what others have done. A lot of times, an idea will come to me and it seems completely ridiculous, but it won’t leave me alone until I write it down and put together an outline. If I like the handful of plot points that I come up with, then I go for it. I try to ignore the snarky voices in my head that tell me it’s completely ridiculous and will never work. Usually the voices die down if I bribe them with cheesecake… or threaten them with a Q-tip.

KM- How/when did you get involved in the fandom and fanfiction?

Uppity Bitch- I had been hooked on TVD when it first came out and had been thrilled with the introduction of Klaroline. I found myself watching the series just for glimpses of their interactions. It wasn’t until the news came out about the TO spinoff that I found myself searching for more in terms of Klaroline scenes because I knew that meant that canon scenes might disappear completely. I stumbled upon the FFnet site and just devoured the Klaroline stories I found there. Then, my husband ended up in the hospital and I needed an outlet to distract myself from what was happening, so I viewed the Klaroline fanfiction I read as a great way to escape from reality for just a bit. Eventually, I tried my hand at writing Klaroline fanfic, and I was so surprised by how much support I received.

KM- What inspired you to be a fanfiction author?

Uppity Bitch- One of the first authors I reached out to was ssklarolinewrites. I was really inspired by the wonderfully rich Klaroline she depicted, from racy scenes to their moving emotional bond, and her encouragement made me think that I could write fanfiction too. I started with smutty one-shots, and I was so overwhelmed by the warm reception I received that I just kept going until I started writing multi-chapter works as well. Like a lot of writers, I walk that fine line between extrovert and sometimes practically paralyzed by social anxiety, so even the smallest words of praise are enough to sustain you and make you feel like you’re a part of something special.

KM- Are you active on any social media sites? If so, which ones?

Uppity Bitch- Yes, my Tumblr is supremeuppityone. I post sneak peeks of whatever Klaroline fanfic I’m working on and also some original writing.

KM- Congratulations again on your award! How do you feel about this?

Uppity Bitch- Thanks! This was only the second year I was nominated so it was very exciting to win! I’ve got some great stories planned for this year and look forward to next year’s nominations. One of the best things about the Klaroline fandom is how insanely talented this group is. I always discover wonderful stories to read and revisiting old favorites is a great way to spend a lazy afternoon.

KM- What is your opinion on the Klaroline awards event as a whole?

Uppity Bitch- It’s a great way to promote your favorite authors and give their work the recognition it deserves. The Klaroline fandom has so many fun events to take part in from the awards to AU and positivity weeks and more; it keeps giving us reasons to come together and celebrate our favorite couple and write their endings the way they deserve to be written!


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