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AUTHOR INTERVIEW WITH THE KLAROLINE AWARDS Best Dark Author/Best Klaus Author 2016: cupcakemolotov

Another Klaroline Awards season has past, and we’ve got a whole new crop of winners this year. I had the pleasure of speaking with Ravyn aka cupcakemolotov about her awards for Best Dark Author and Best Klaus Author. For those of you who may be unfamiliar with her work, just sit back, relax, and prepare to be blown away by her talent.

KM: To those people who don’t know you, quickly describe who you are as a fanfiction writer and Klaroliner.

Ravyn: I’m a huge fan of the Klaroline dynamic. The dynamic is absolutely my drug of choice. I write a lot of AU, the occasional AH, and quite a bit of smut. My favorite character is Klaus, although most of my fanfic is from Caroline’s perspective, and I don’t remember how to keep things short!

KM: Last year you won Best Smut Author and this year you were named Best Dark Author and Best Klaus Author. How does it feel to be a three time winner? Is there one that you’re particularly proud you won?

Ravyn: I’m so freaking amazed to have won. That folks took the time to nominate and vote means a lot. That they did it two years in a row? No words.

Last year was my first awards, so that I won Best Smut was amazing! That’s a really special one to me. But I’m really fond of how I write Klaus, and I LOVE that so many seem to enjoy him too. I totally sweated that one out!

KM: Klaus Mikaelson is a somewhat complex character. He’s someone who’s capable of romantic, sweeping gestures but also deadly acts of aggression. What is it about him that gets your creative juices flowing?

Ravyn: I adore the idea of a monster with a single soft spot. Klaroline has that fabulous push and pull, they challenge each other to be better, but that definition of better is always in flux. Better monsters. Better for themselves. Just, better. And I think that’s what I honestly fell for. This nightmare creature with his God-complex, his marionette strings, his crushing insecurities who looks at a baby vampire and doesn’t see what could be, but what is and embraces that. He just accepts this vast future, where no matter what choices Caroline makes, what blood she does or doesn’t wear, they are still her choices. The fun part is her learning to accept the same about Klaus. I just love it.

KM: How much do you draw from the shows version of Klaus versus how you headcanon him?

Ravyn: I actually draw very little from the TV Shows. I think it’s become a bit of a joke that I’ve never watched an episode of either TVD or TO. It honestly speaks in so many ways about the quality of the folks in our fandom. My informative information about Klaus came from fanfic, dozens of meta about his characterization, and those gorgeous gifs.

KM: Dealing with darker elements can be tricky but you handle it masterfully. You write these characters that we the reader should find deplorable and yet we’re still drawn to them. How do you keep the characters from crossing over into unlikable territory?

Ravyn: For me, writing darker stories is more about what doesn’t happen than what does. As a writer, I try to remember there are some things that shouldn’t be forgiven. The characters in TVD and TO are in an inherently violent world, and they are monsters even if they are not always monstrous. It’s important to remember that distinction, and to realize that character choices are important. In the end, what I want to read and write is Klaroline finding a way to each other, regardless of how difficult the road or how dark. So I try to ask myself, if character A makes this choice, then why would character B want to be with them? That informs a lot of my writing.

KM: What would you say to writers who are interested in exploring darker themes in their creative ventures?

Ravyn: Figure out what you can’t live with. For me, Klaus will never use compulsion on Caroline. He will quite possibly burn the world around her, he’ll certainly manipulate the elements in his favor, but my personal headcanon is that compulsion is never an option. He wants her to come to him. Once you know what lines can be crossed, what lines shouldn’t be crossed but can be forgiven with time, and what the deal breakers are you’ve got a lot of room to work with.

KM: At a time when most fandoms would have given up and moved on, the KC Fandom seems to be more alive and active than ever. What it is about Klaroline that inspires you so much?

Ravyn: For me, the way I came into the fandom, I’m not particularly invested in the TV shows. So whatever happens , there are always going to be these centuries after that which are just out there. The pieces of Caroline and Klaus that are endlessly fascinating, I love thinking about how they’d spark against each other in a hundred or two hundred years. There are so many possibilities, and I’ll always love exploring that. However long, after all, is quite the motto around here!


If you haven’t already done so, head over to FF.NET and check out all her work, I guarantee you won’t be disappointed. And as always, be sure to leave the author a little love. Thank you again Ravyn, and congratulations to her and all the Klaroline Award Winners; you all help make our fandom the amazing space it is.