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Join Us for the Klaroline Vacation Gift Exchange!

It’s that time of the year again and given its amazing success last year, we are pleased to announce that the second annual Klaroline Vacation Gift Exchange is now officially open!

Klaroline vacay exchange

Everyone loves vacations and I think that would include our favourite couple. Caroline has always wanted to visit other places and we all know how worldly Klaus is, so our OTP travelling together goes without saying. So, where do you think Klaroline would vacation together? I can hear you all answering with Rome, Paris, and Tokyo, which would be the obvious choice but what about sunning themselves on a secluded island instead or maybe snuggling by the fire in a cabin in the mountains? Sounds pretty good any way, right?

Unfortunately we can’t all be so lucky to jet off on a vacation. So, if you can’t get to a secluded island or mountain cabin, how about taking a break from reality and diving into the wonderful world of Klaroline fanon?

Which takes us to the Klaroline Vacation Gift Exchange. Along the same lines of the previous Klaroline Valentines and Klaroline Winter Wonderland exchanges, this event is open to anyone who wants to share their talents and celebrate their love of Klaroline! Whether it’s a drabble, graphic, gifset, playlist, original fanart, or video, all are welcome. This is the perfect opportunity to give a gift and get a gift in return; who could ask for more?

This exchange is taking place through AO3′s challenge matching system, so please be sure and check out our rules and faqs so you know how it all works.



Sign-ups: July 8th – 18th

Assignments Out: July 20th

Assignments Due: August 9th

Fanworks Posted: August 13th

Reveals: August 14th


Take a break, relax, and join us for a Klaroline Vacation!

Sign up HERE!