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Klaro-besties Interview With @Elfiesfandoms

This session I have interviewed Elfie @Elfiesfandoms and Spencer @KlarolineLilacs. Bringing to you the goodness and love shared by another pair of fandom besties, this installment Elfie gushes about Spencer and Klaroline. Read down below,


First tell us about yourself. When did you first start shipping Klaroline and when did you join the fandom?

Hello! I’m Elfie (Eleftheria) and I’m 20 years old. I started shipping Klaroline after episode  3×14 when it aired back in 2012 . It was my first ship from The Vampire Diaries. I first joined the fandom on Tumblr in 2013, and only found my way on twitter in 2015. Haven’t left for a second since.


When did you first start chatting with your Klaro-bestie? And where is she from?

Spencer was actually one of the first Klaroline shippers to talk to me and make me feel included in the twitter fandom and I’ve always been grateful to her for that… Spencer’s from India.


 Describe her in three words.

Trustworthy, Loyal, Honest


What is her favorite Klaroline scene?

Oh I don’t think she has one, we always talk about one and then just fangirl about all of them because we just love every single one… But maybe ,since i have to choose, in 4×23 the iconic «However long it takes»…


 If Klaus and Caroline both were in a boat with her, whom do you think she would save?

She’s one of the people who genuinely love both characters equally so I think the choice would be difficult for her. But I think she’d go with Klaus.


If she was given a chance to give one advice or say something to TO Klaus and Caroline from later seasons of TVD what do you think she would say?

So many things, she would want to sit them down and talk some sense into them. To Caroline, probably, she would emphasize on to believe in herself more and know that she’s worth the best, not to settle for the convenient option.

Klaus is more difficult, but I think she’d tell him to not forget who he is in an effort to be “better” of what his siblings definition of better is and what is expected of him.


What is her favorite Klaus’s gift to Caroline?

I know for a fact she adores the scenes where Klaus gives her any gifts but I think I’ll go with the letter “3 million dollars gift “ because

  1. endgame
  2. he believed in and helped Caroline achieve her dream


Is she more like Klaus or Caroline? (Personality wise).

Choose one and give three reasons.

Caroline, because


  • She’s incredibly loyal to those she cares about, always has your back.
  • Spencer has that self consciousness Caroline has and even though she’s amazing she underestimates herself sometimes.
  • She’s so honest and is frankly unapologetic about it and I love her for that.


What was her reaction to the Klaroline phone call? How did you two fangirl?

We were both slightly inactive then but we both came back for the phone call and Spence was so excited, and  she got me screaming and fangirling too.


What is her favorite Klaroline fanfiction?

It’s hard to pick one since she enjoys many of them. But I can pick a genre she LOVES any well written AU/AH.


 Aside from Klaus and Caroline which character is she a fan of from Tvd/To verse?

She likes 1920s Stefan, especially paired with Rebekah who’s another favorite of hers from the TVD verse. As for TO, I think Marcel and Davina.


 If you had to give her a reference for a job what would you say?

She’d be a dream employ, hardworking and willing to learn. Never a quiter, isn’t afraid to ask for help and communicate/work with others. She’d be an asset to any job in every way!


What was the first thing she said to you when she found out about THE KLAROLINE LETTER AKA ENDGAME?

I believe her first words were the eloquent «ASDFFHJKLSHDKA ELFIEEEE» which, honestly, were exactly what I expected and was feeling at the moment too, because we had been waiting for that moment for so many YEARS! It was hard to able to function well enough to type more than that..


So Finally Klaro-bestie sweetness category.

She is sweet and ……


  1. cute
  2. sassy
  3. crazy
  4. outright obnoxious
  5. weirdly psychic
  6. annoyingly right
  7. savage
  8. quirky


I can’t choose just one but a) and h) are the closest.


To see what Spencer says about Eleftheria and Klaroline, don’t forget to check out the next part of this besties session.