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Hello readers, It’s @miniklaroline aka Mary’s turn to tell us about her Klaro-bestie @explicitbitch__ Eleonora and how their friendship evolved through their love for Klaroline. Read what she has to say ,


First tell us about yourself. When did you first start shipping Klaroline and when did you join the fandom?

Hi, I’m Mary. I’m 20 years old, (soon to be 21) and I’m from Tbilisi,Georgia. For those who aren’t aware, it’s a sovereign country and not a state in USA. I work in a bookshop chain and I manage the chain structure. I love reading, rainy days, winter, movies, being cozy in my room and watching my favorite tv series. Nothing much but yeah, you can already see how much of an introvert I am.

I remember I was at home. My aunt and mom were watching tvd. The episode, which was airing, was 3×05 –The Reckoning. I was not interested in this show but I started to watch it anyway because Klaus took me by surprise. I started shipping Klaroline after 3×20 aired, then watched 3×21 live just because I wanted to see how their relationship would evolve. But my craziness about this ship started during season 4. I knew that I was unconditionally and irrevocably in love with them. I joined the fandom before 5×11 aired have been actively participating in fandom life since.


1. When did you first start chatting with your Klaro-bestie? And where is she from?

I started chatting with my Klaro – Bestie, my queen Eleonora last summer. She is from Trikala, Greece.


2. Describe her in three words.

Courageous, courteous, diligent.


3. What is her favorite Klaroline scene?

Positively sure it’s 3×20. “Do not go gentle.”


4. If Klaus and Caroline both were in a boat with her, whom do you think she would save?

No question. She’d save Klaus in a heartbeat.


5. Is she more like Klaus or Caroline? (Personality wise) Chose one and give three reasons.

I think that she is more like Klaus. She can love deeply, she often hides her feelings, although she has so such warmth about her.

Second, she is honest which again is a Klaus trait. He never hides the truth. Even if it might hurt someone she will always prefer the truth than sugar coated lies.

Third , she is invincible. In my honest opinion, there is nothing that can break her.


6. What was her reaction to the Klaroline phone call? How did you two fangirl?

We were not talking at that time. Though I remember her tweets. I know that she was fangirling way too hard about the klaroline phone call. She loved it.


7. What is her favorite Klaroline fanfiction?

Possession by Maevelin. It’s my favorite too.


8. Aside from Klaus and Caroline which character is she a fan of from Tvd/To verse?

She loves Katherine.


9. If you had to give her a reference for a job what would you say?

I’d say  that anyone who misses a chance to hire her, is a loser.


10. What was the first thing she said to you when she found out about THE KLAROLINE LETTER AKA ENDGAME?

I messaged her on mobile because she was not online. I could not wait for her reaction and when she came back she was all over her keyboard.


                  Klaro-Besties sweetness category

  1. cute
  2. sassy
  3. crazy
  4. outright obnoxious
  5. weirdly psychic
  6. annoyingly right
  7. savage
  8. quirky

She is sweet and SASSY


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