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Hey, I am back with @nikscaroIine aka Chloe’s interview. Read what she says about her bestie Ella and Klaroline.


First tell us about yourself. When did you first start shipping Klaroline and when did you join the fandom?

Hi, My name is Chloe and I’m 18 years old. I started watching the vampire diaries back in 2014 and after 3×14 instantly fell in love with Klaroline. However I joined the fandom in late 2015.


1. When did you first start chatting with your Klaro-bestie? And where is she from?

We were mutuals for a while before we started talking. Then our mutual friend Lucy made a Klaroline group chat on twitter.  Over the next few months we grew grew closer and we’ve been friends now for almost a year now.

Ella is from Serbia but she’s coming to the Tvd convention in the UK this year so we will finally get to meet each other and meet Joseph… eeekkks so excited!


2. Describe her in three words.

Beautiful, funny and passionate.


3. What is her favorite Klaroline scene?

Her favorite klaroline scene is the hummingbird scene in 4×07 because the scene has such a deep meaning to it as we see Klaus really opening up to Caroline by expressing his vulnerable side.


4. If Klaus and Caroline both were in a boat with her, whom do you think she would save?

She would definitely save Klaus, we both are really big Klaus fans!!


5. Is she more like Klaus or Caroline? (Personality wise) Chose one and give three reasons.

I would say she is more like Caroline because she is ;

Loyal and protective when it comes to her friends. She will always have your back.

Funny and sassy like Caroline.

Honesty is another one of her Caroline like qualities because she tells it like it is which is one of the things I love most about her.


6. What was her reaction to the Klaroline phone call? How did you two fangirl?

We weren’t close friends when the Klaroline phone call happened but I do remember seeing her freak out on my TL and we discussed it loads when we were in the GC together.


7. What is her favorite Klaroline fanfiction?

She has read so many klaroline fanfictions but her all time favorite is Two Lost Souls and she recommends it to literally everyone. Also I know she loves dungeons as well like me.


8. Aside from Klaus and Caroline which character is she a fan of from Tvd/To verse? 

Rebekah and Bonnie.


9. If you had to give her a reference for a job what would you say?

If I had to give her a reference for a job I would say that she is very passionate and she would put 100% of her effort into the job. She’s very hard working, intelligent and doesn’t give up easily.


10. What was the first thing she said to you when she found out about THE KLAROLINE LETTER AKA ENDGAME?

It was unbelievable. Despite trying to not get our hopes up in case the spoilers weren’t true we discussed all the possibilities of what the letter could include and hyped each other up. We decided that we would watch it together with our other friends Lucy and Brianna. It’s safe to say we were screaming and crying as soon as we saw Caroline pick up the letters off the floor and then spent another hour after that freaking out about it.


So Finally Klaro-bestie Sweetness Category.

She is sweet and sassy


  1. cute
  2. sassy
  3. crazy
  4. outright obnoxious
  5. weirdly psychic
  6. annoyingly right
  7. savage
  8. quirky

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