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Klarobesties Interview with @explicitbitch__ (Twitter Edition)

Hello , I am back with another edition of Klaro-Besties Interviews with a well-known duo of besties Eleonora aka @explicitbitch__  and Mary aka @miniklaroline on twitter. This interview Eleonora tells us about her bestie, let’s find out her sentiments about Mary and Klaroline.

 First tell us about yourself. When did you first start shipping Klaroline and when did you join the fandom?

My name is Eleonora and I am 22 years old. I am from Greece.

I started shipping Klaroline before I even watched TVD. My friends were OBSESSED with the show. Katherine, Delena , ofcourse Klaroline were a huge topic of discussion. But Klaroline took precedence over the rest. They told me I would love them if I started the show so I did. Oh man! the minute I heard “There’s a whole world out there waiting for you….” I was literally a goner. Knew from that moment I would go down with this ship.

Unfortunately I joined the twitter fandom really late so I missed many good moments. I came right at the time when shipping Klaroline was considered a despicable crime. But #NeverRegrets.


1. When did you first start chatting with your Klaro-bestie? And where is she from?

Mary’s twitter was amazing but for me she was kind of intimidating. So I never made an effort to talk to her. She actually wanted to talk to me after my 21st birthday hence she made a group chat and added me in it. But we became close last July.

She is from Tbilisi, Georgia.


2. Describe her in three words.

Loyal, passionate, intelligent.


3. What is her favorite Klaroline scene?

She doesn’t have one. She might say their scenes during 4×18.


4. If Klaus and Caroline both were in a boat with her, whom do you think she would save?

K L A U S hands down. She would easily let Caroline drown, for all she cares.


5. Is she more like Klaus or Caroline? (Personality wise) Chose one and give three reasons.

Okay she is going to kill me but she is a bit of both. She is

  •  Very intelligent. I can ask her pretty much anything and she WILL know the answer, it’s insane.
  • Extremely loyal to the people she considers close. She will do anything in her power to help them. If she ever has a fall out with someone she loves, her heart just breaks. It makes her stronger though.
  • An achiever. When she wants something trust me she will find a way to get it.


6. What was her reaction to the Klaroline phone call? How did you two fangirl?

We weren’t close at the time the phone call aired but I saw her on my timeline and I know she was freaking out.


7. What is her favorite Klaroline fanfiction?

It’s Possession by Maevelin. We are both obsessed with it.


8. Aside from Klaus and Caroline which character is she a fan of from Tvd/To verse?

The one and ONLY queen of The Originals, Rebekah Mikaelson.


9. If you had to give her a reference for a job what would you say?

Since I know what she does for the company she is working at I will tell them she’s God’s gift to any employer. Anyone willing to give her a chance is very fortunate.


10. What was the first thing she said to you when she found out about THE KLAROLINE LETTER AKA ENDGAME?

The minute we saw the words “Yours” & “However long it takes” we both lost it. We were both screaming like a pair of cuckoo fangirls, trying to form words but failed miserably. It was an emotional night.


So Finally Klaro-bestie sweetness category.

She is sweet & ……

  1. cute
  2. sassy
  3. crazy
  4. outright obnoxious
  5. weirdly psychic
  6. annoyingly right
  7. savage
  8. quirky


This was Eleonora about her Klaro-bestie. Don’t forget to check out Mary’s interview which is the second part of this edition, for her thoughts about Eleonora and their Klaro-besties Score.