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Klarobesties Interview with @klarolineepic

Hey guys, back with a new episode of Klarobesties with @klarolineepic better known as Farida and @klausspuddin aka Syd this time, I will interview Farida about how well she knows Syd and how much she loves Klaroline. Read down below.


First tell us about yourself. When did you first start shipping Klaroline and when did you join the fandom?

Sup guys I’m Farida, also known as Fari who’s also known as klarolineepic and rhysshuntress.

I’m an 18 year old student who joined the fandom in late 2013 when I was preparing to go to high-school and now I’m officially heading to college (weeee wooopp).

Its sort of fitting since Klaroline are rising again (lolol) never thought it would take THAT long but it was all worth it. The sweet taste of victory was worth it. I started shipping Klaroline when I started watching TVD because everyone at my school was OBSESSED with the TVD trio and that’s when my journey began.


When did you first start chatting with your Klaro-bestie? And where is she from?

LMFAO! Now I love this because the first time Syd, who’s from the U.S.A by the way, and me talked always cracks me … she legit sent me a dm with an invitation of her and Harry Styles’ wedding and that invite had a photoshopped picture of Harry and a girl in a wedding dress and I LEGIT believed that girl was Syd. I mean how could I know it wasn’t her … anyway, and I was like “wow Syd looks like Lana Del Rey”. SO YEAAAAAAH, that’s basically how it began.



Describe her in three words.

Honest, secretly soft (does that work as one or is that two?), and savage.


 What is her favorite Klaroline scene?

Hmmm, I think Syd’s favorite Klaroline scene is when Klaus tells Caroline about the hummingbird and how that’s the one time he thought of being human during their date. (If I’m wrong then welp, this will be embarrassing.)


 If Klaus and Caroline both were in a boat with her, whom do you think she would save?

OH PHEW THATS SO EASY, CAROLINE FORBES OF COURSE…..lolol NAAAAH (Stefan Salvatore’s voice), definitely kidding, that won’t ever be a non-joke even if it’s 200 years from now. If Caroline and Klaus were on a boat she’d fucking drown Caroline herself to save her man KLAUS MIKAELSON. Actuaaaaaally now that I think about it, if the boat wasn’t sinking Syd would probably still drown Caroline anyway.


If she was given a chance to give one advice or say something to TO Klaus and Caroline from later seasons of TVD what do you think she would say?

She would tell Klaus to get his shit together and stop the ugly ass crying cause he’s embarrassing her and would probably tell Caroline that the only thing stopping her from killing her after seasons 5, 6, 7, 8 (sigh I’ll never forgive anyone for the way they wrote my girlie) is because she ships her with Klaus.


What is her favorite Klaus’s gift to Caroline?

Hmmmm, ok I’ll throw it out there and say the prom dress? *prayer circle*


If she had landed a part in TVD/TO verse who do you think the writers would have cast her as and as which character would she have been a fan favorite?

They would’ve cast her as Bonnie Bennett’s mom cause thats Syd’s FAAAAVORITE character and actress … lol Syd’s gonna kill me. Anyway, no they’d probably cast her aaaaassss a Rebekah or an Aurora? Any of Klaus’ women would do unless it’s the who shall not be named.


We know a sizeable part of the fandom wasn’t happy with the kids SL on both TVD and TO but say if Klaroline ever had kids what number would she want or be okay with? And what would be the names of the kids?

Is that a trick question?


What is her favorite Caroline dialogue ?

Okay I officially do not know this one, I’ll make sure to ask her later because this one I have no idea.


What is her favorite Klaus dialogue ?

Syd has PLEEENTY and by plenty i mean PLEEEEEENTY but one of her top two favorite Klaus dialogues are the hummingbird speech that he spoke to Caroline *swoons* and his speech about humanity to Stefan in 4×09 of TVD back when Stefan wasn’t so annoying.


Is she more like Klaus or Caroline? (Personality wise) Chose one and give three reasons.

I’d say Klaus (and not just because she’d die for him) but because she’s savage as him, honest as him and she’s very artistic but in her writing … does the word artistic work? Can I use the word artistic to describe someone’s writing?


What was her reaction to the Klaroline phone call? How did you two fangirl?

“Fangirl” JJDJDKDKDKD WEEEEEEELLL WE EVENTUALLY DID *coughs* this is triggering *coughs*. But OH YES WE FANGIRLED with the rest of our girlies from the Rat Pack, we truly didn’t sleep at all that week imagine a bunch of ladies screaming and crying non stop in one group chat where everyone is shaking and can’t write properly so you have no idea what the incoherent words mean but you’re all just fangirling together. (Shoutout to these awesome OGs.)


What is her favourite Klaroline fanfiction?

Prowl is number one on her list. WAIT I’M NOT LEAVING UNTIL I DO SOME ADVERTISING: You should really check Syd’s fanfics they’re really well paced, well written and well told. High key a few of my all time fav fics in those 2 years were written by her…SHE ALSO UPDATES!!! You’ll find the link in her bio.


Aside from Klaus and Caroline which character is she a fan of from Tvd/To verse?

Marcel and Rebekah…SEPARATELY though. Also Lucien and Vincent.


If you had to give her a reference for a job what would you say?

Well that she’s honest and reliable and supportive so if anything bad happens I can count on her to be there.


What was the first thing she said to you when she found out about THE KLAROLINE LETTER AKA ENDGAME?

Oh god my memory ain’t that good, but I’m pretty it contained a series of incoherent screams and caps-lock letters with the rest of our group-chat.


So Finally Klaro-bestie sweetness category.


She is sweet and ……

SASSY. Muack! love ya even when we don’t agree on anything! #SarryForever #Josyd5ever


  1. cute
  2. sassy
  3. crazy
  4. outright obnoxious
  5. weirdly psychic
  6. annoyingly right
  7. savage
  8. quirky