Klaroline Awards 2015 Best Manips Video Maker Winner Feature: The Klaroline Diaries




Ever since the spin-off was announced, we have all been hoping that the it wouldn’t mean the end of Klaus and Caroline. But so much time has passed now with no new scenes between our two favorite characters, that some very dedicated and talented members of our fandom have decided to take matters into their own hands… and thus ‘The Klaroline Diaries’ project was created.


This YouTube channel originally features Klaroline on a journey together in New Orleans, after Caroline left Mystic Falls behind and joined Klaus in his city following the death of her mother. With just a quick look at their videos, which are literal fan-made promos and episodes for a show, it’s easy to see why this channel has won the award for Best Manips Video-Maker this year: thanks to the people who work so hard on the project, we’re able to see Klaus and Caroline in a lot of new situations and scenes together like we have never been able to do before, to see their relationship evolve and continue, which is certainly a sight for sore eyes.


So congratulations to all those who work on this amazing channel, and a huge thank you for your contribution to the Klaroline fandom!


Check out her videos HERE


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