Klaroline Awards 2015 Best Use of Effects Video Maker Winner Feature: AussyAngelx



Hello, lovely fandom!


First of all, for today, I want to of course congratulate this year’s winner of the Best Use of Effects category in the Klaroline Awards, the talented Hayley or better known as AussyAngelx on YouTube.


If you have not had the opportunity to check out any of her videos, I strongly recommend you do so right now because it would be a real crime to miss them! One of my favorite videos from her, “Waiting for Superman”, not only features one of my favorite songs but right from the start I found myself admiring the coloring, the editing and especially exactly the effects used throughout it… because, together, it all gave a whole new dimension to some of my favorite Klaus and Caroline’s scenes, even if I have probably already seen them a thousand times by now.


That’s really something that you can expect from all of her videos, however. Whether it’s a heartbreaking one, such as her haunting “Almost” video, or a lighthearted and fun one, such as the “On Top of the World” Klaroline humor collection, I promise that you will enjoy any of her creations from start to finish and be blown away by her incredible talent and classy and original use of effects!


Once again, congratulations to Hayley on her win and a big thank you for her wonderful videos!


Check out her videos HERE


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