Klaroline Awards 2015 Best Video Maker Winner Feature: The Klaroline Diaries

I have no idea who’s behind – and it could be more than just one person, and even more props to them for doing such greatness apparently anonymously! – the amazing YouTube project that is The Klaroline Diaries, but I will be forever grateful that they exist.


For the past year, they’ve been using scenes and storylines from both The Vampire Diaries and The Originals only to merge them together and give life to a universe where Klaus and Caroline’s fates are still utterly intertwined. And they have done so not randomly, but coming up with interesting plots and creating manips of our favorite pair together that will literally leave you in awe of their talent… as a vidder myself, I know how tough making realistic-looking manips is but they made it look hella easy which gives everyone watching the feeling that what’s happening on their screen is actually canon and not just fan-made.


The Klaroline Diaries is literally our dreams come true, a fanfiction come to life to soothe our current sorrows and give us what the writers are too stubborn to do right now. With a dedicated YouTube, Twitter account and even a channel for the songs used in their ‘episodes’, through the use of trailers and promos, The Klaroline Diaries looks professional and every bit like a real TV show… like what would be our very all-time favorite TV show, for sure!


So it’s honestly no surprise that this great project has conquered the fandom’s hearts and won the Best Video-Maker category at the Klaroline Awards this year. Voted, we did; now all we can do is wait for episode six! *winks*


Check out their videos HERE