Klaroline Awards 2015 Best Vine Winner Feature: Happy 1200 Days Of Klaroline by KlausIsHerLast



Vine is the new YouTube, so we couldn’t be left behind now could we? Us Klaroliners are always one step ahead of the game after all, which is why we’ve been such a successful fandom for so many years now… so it’s no surprise that, these past Awards, we introduced a ‘Best Vine’ category to the many ones we already had.


Personally, I have no idea whatsoever how creating a vine works so a huge thank you goes to everyone who is holding our ship and fandom flag up high on that network, as well as a special congratulation to those who had been nominated for their work.


As always, however, there can only be one winner. And I think the most important part of our winning vine, and perhaps what prompted so many people to vote for it, is the occasion for which it had been created: the anniversary of 1200 days of Klaroline.


That was all the way back in April so it’s been a lot more days of our wonderful OTP now, and it’s always nice and special to have a reminder of how long our ship has already been sailing strong for (Joseph Morgan’s terminology, not mine! *winks*). It’s outstanding to have a concrete proof that, no matter how much time passes, we’re still here counting the days and celebrating the time that we’ve gotten to spend shipping Klaroline like it’s our birthright! The fact that we keep pointing out that it’s been 500, 1000, 1200 and so on days since their first ever interaction is a reminder to everyone out there that we still believe that one day their roads will meet again and that we definitely haven’t seen the last of them. We ain’t counting for nothing, y’all!


So, yes, being a Klaus and Caroline fan is hard, but we’ve already come so far so why should we give up now? We won’t. That’s the statement that this vine gives and that’s why it deserves to have won an award. Not to mention the fact that it features some of the best Klaroline scenes and one of the best ever Klaroline quotes in the matter of only a few seconds, matching the intensity that Klaroline always shares on-screen and leaving us with goosebumps.


Happy vine-watching and happy forever days of Klaroline!



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