Klaroline Awards Best Underrated Video Maker 2015: queenvampirebarbie



There are plenty of people in the Klaroline fandom who are underrated and don’t get the recognition that they truly deserve for their contributions, and this year it was the lovely Cassie (queenvampirebarbie on both YouTube and Tumblr) who won Most Underrated Video-Maker at our very own awards. And congratulations are in order, because it was a well deserved win.


As a vidder, she’s been for example able to capture Klaus and Caroline’s story from beginning to end in her video ‘Knocking on Heaven’s Door’… and I love that one because I’ve obviously seen many people take and edit certain scenes to create their own videos, but she was able to choose and include all the really important parts of our favorite couple’s journey in such a way that will make your heart ache for them all over again (if it ever even stopped).


Then there’s the fact that she’s been one of only a few vidders who have addressed the two of them currently being on separate shows in her video ‘Miles from Where You Are’, in which she gives us the opportunity to see what neither The Vampire Diaries nor The Originals have spoken about: that just because these two characters are so far apart, it doesn’t mean that they have forgotten one another; it’s just too unrealistic to believe that there is never even a passing thought, and thanks to her we’re able to witness what should have been.


Bottom line is… thank you, Cassie, for being such a wonderful member of this fandom and for giving us such beautifully edited videos!


At last, let’s close this off with a little message from the winner herself ─
─ Cassie: “Hi, everyone! I just want to say thank you to those who nominated me and voted for me… I really wasn’t expecting it because I didn’t know people even knew me for my Klaroline videos, especially because YouTube is kind of like a whole other world from Tumblr. It was a very happy surprise when I found out that I won, thank you so much!”


Check out Cassie’s Videos HERE


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