Klaroline Awards Best Use of Video Effects Winner: MissCatherinePierce



Huge congratulations to MissCatherinePierce, who won Best Use of Effects in the Videos Category at the Klaroline Awards of 2014. She definitely deserved to win this.

Unfortunately, we could not get a hold of her to interview her about it, so we are bringing you an amazing article about her and her videos, instead.

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MissCatherinePierce’s Klaroline videos really do have a way of standing out. She just has a perfect way of blending the music with the scenes, and she always blends her use of effects with the beat of the song. It really gets you into watching. People who make videos know that these kinds of effects take a lot of time and patience, and MissCatherinePierce really does Klaroline justice through her videos.

She also uses so many beautiful quotes in all her videos, and they sometimes show the parallels between Klaus and Caroline or they can add a very emotional feeling to go with the song.

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My favorite video with an amazing use of effects from her is Let Me Be Your Love, because of the beautiful effect that she used there, which was a kind of explosion; to me it represented that the love between Klaus and Caroline is like fireworks… you will understand that better if you watch the video.

However, my all-time favorite video from MissCatherinePierce has to be She’s A Queen Fit For A King. That video really has everything. She transitioned it well, blended it all with the beat of the song, used amazing quotes, and most of all it definitely gives me a lot of Klaroline feels every single time that I watch it. It’s a short video, but it doesn’t really feel like it because it has everything a Klaroliner could ever need.

So, really—congratulations MissCatherinePierce on creating such creative and beautiful videos! We thank you.

Written by Cassie.Find her on Tumblr or Twitter