Klaroline Awards Fanfiction Recommendations



The third edition of the Klaroline Awards is upon us and it’s time for you to nominate your favorite Klaroline fanfiction. Here are a few stories I think you should check before the nominations.

Let’s support our lovely writers, who bring these beautiful Klaroline stories to us, and let’s show every single one of them how much we appreciate their work and dedication.

Romance Fiction:

Always Only You by MysticManhattan

Caroline is in a horrible car accident and goes into a coma. When she wakes up she thinks it’s 2009, every memory from then to present has vanished. Will she choose to go down the same path that she chose before, or will she choose an entirely different one? And most importantly, will she ever get her memories back?


In the Mouth of the Wolf by Psyc0gurl0

In 1864 Caroline Salvatore lives with her brothers in Mystic Falls. She’s tired of the same old thing when the Mikaelsons come to town bringing excitement along. She’s particularly drawn to one of the brothers, Klaus, who seems to return her feelings as well. At the same time Katherine is hiding in the Salvatore mansion.


This Mortal Coil by withfireandblood

Klaus is battling a new curse that has put him in a cage of his own making. A very human Caroline stumbles across something dangerous on her hunt for a missing person. They meet with a spark, and the flames grow…


Three Wishes Granted and One That Wasn’t by Razorbackgal0225

Three times that Klaus did as Caroline wished…and one time he didn’t.


Dark Fiction:

Because Silence is Louder by theonewinged

There is this mysterious girl in Mystic Falls who managed to keep her secrets hidden under the thick layers of her sweet nature and unsocial status. A new guy in town gets involved with her in dark, unpredictable ways. They mingle together in a spiral of untold secrets, poisonous intentions and find the cure in each other.


Cruel to be Kind by SophisticatedFangirling

Caroline is very much looking forward to her future as queen at the side of Tyler of Lockwood, when her dreams are shattered by a hostile army invading the kingdom. The cruel Niklaus of Mikaelson forces her to make a grave choice that will affect not only her own, but also the life of her family.


My Dark Angel by AutumnDream26

Caroline is an FBI agent who has been captured and broken by a sadistic man. Klaus is the psychiatrist who tries to help her overcome her demons. As their bond grows beyond a professional level, it turns out that the dark secrets he keeps might be the end of them both…


Fluffy Fiction:

The High School Spark by Misskkkiss

Caroline is the new girl in town, so when she keeps accidentally getting the attention of the notorious bad boy ‘Klaus Mikaelson’ she feels like she has ruined her new start. She always knew she was clumsy but scratching his bike, spilling drinks on him and kicking a football at his head brought it to a whole new level.


Action/Adventure Fiction:

Deja Vu by Brandidy

In the mid 1400s, a devilish monarch of evil beings rules the country. But, will a young blond peasant be able to break down the immoral and cruel creatures that are in power?


Angst Fiction:

Old Love by yaba

He was wrong. This isn’t a last love, it is an old love, one deep rooted in centuries, an unshakeable bond that entwines them in each others’ lives whether they want to or not, her only mistake was not realizing this decades earlier.


The Aftermath by poopaw

Caroline deals with the aftermath of her decision to accept Klaus’ promise of keeping away forever. It seems like Niklaus Mikaelson is a man of his word. And she’s never hated him more.


The Devil’s Backbone by willowaus

With the race on for the cure, some will fall, some will rise, and some will go insane. Friendships end and new ones spark as secrets are revealed and what some believe to be the truth will turn out to be nothing but lies. While others may discover that they’re not as different as they had believed. But will it matter if there is no world left?


The Other Woman by Bright645

This was where their story really began. Not when they met. Not their first kiss nor date. But rather the moment when Caroline Forbes became the other woman to Niklaus Mikaelson.


AU/AH Fiction:

Après-ski by immortalpen

Recovering from a rough break-up and the death of her father, Caroline Forbes takes a job as a chalet girl in the Italian Alps for the Mikaelson family.

Chained to Me by allmylovesallmysecrets

Caroline Salvatore is a member of one of the most feared criminal families in the world. But when both parents die in a fatal car crash, the family’s powers begin to diminish. Their rivals, the Mikaelsons, kidnap Caroline to rage a war between the two families in order to regain their power. But as the war grows so do the affections between Caroline and her new found keeper.


Intertwined Fates by daseul

Klaus Mikealson is a world well-known actor who is cold-hearted and is ruthless to be on the top of the industry. However, he was never like this before. He changed the day his ex-girlfriend Caroline Forbes broke his heart, and now they meet once more and their fates intertwine once again. With secrets and deceit occurring in their lives, will they be able to have a second chance?


The Contract by Desi44

When Klaus Mikaelson, CEO of Mikaelson & Co., needs a wife to remain in the US, he turns to the best friend of his best friend and the games begin. This is a Klaroline story but with lots of love with Stefan, Kol and Katherine, too! Rated M for later chapters.


Uneasy Lies the Head That Wears a Crown by xxredwineandambiencexx

With the death of her mother, Crown Princess Caroline Forbes is thrust into a world of intrigue, politics and power, a world that she wants no part in. However she soon learns that the responsibility that comes with her station in life is not something that she can easily cast aside. Destiny it seems, is not easy to run from.


Work for It by MissBootjah

Klaus is CEO of Mikaelson Global, his sister insists he needs a new assistant after his last one quit. Kol bets him that he can’t seduce all the girls that are interested in the position. Caroline is new in NY, living with Katherine and desperately in need of a job. What would happen if their paths cross? Can they save each other or will they be each others damnation.


Comedic Fiction:

Caroline, the Vampire Slayer by LitLover 101

Caroline’s has been having some odd dreams lately about a certain vampire with a British accent. Her problems escalate when she meets the mysterious, Stefan Salvatore and his older brother, Damon. As if things couldn’t get worse her new history teacher, Alaric, just told her he wants her to hunt vampires. Seriously! What about the Miss Mystic Falls competition?


Chicago Vice by HelloCutePanda

Caroline and Klaus as two Chicago police officers in the vice department who go head to head and hijinks ensue.


Debut Fiction

Lighthouse by EmJay92

Nine months after Klaus leaves for NOLA, Caroline begins to notice strange changes in herself that cannot be explained. Clutching his departing gift to her in hand, Caroline is on a mission for answers, starting with the only person she knows that may have a clue.


Underrated Fiction:

In the Corner of Maple and Vine by but seriously

“Our brother’s a vampire and you wake the dead. There, I said it. Nobody’s running for the hills. Nobody’s coming at us with pitchforks.” “It’s the 21st century, Bekah. They’d use rifles.” — or, the one where Rebekah exploits mug tricks for extra tips, Klaus is a passive-mostly-aggressive pie maker, and Caroline just wants to know why Klaus refuses to touch her.


Only One by kasery1939

Rose explains the history of Klaus to Elena, Damon, and Stefan and that history can be summed up into one word. Caroline. Now he will stop at nothing to break the curse that’s been haunting his existence since the beginning.


Crime/Mystery/Thriller fiction:

A Study in Pink by forbesfabulous

Serial suicides? Detective Inspector Lestrade is left with no choice but to call in his best, and technically illegal, consulting detective; Niklaus Mikaelson. Dr. Stefan Salvatore, his new flatmate, and Dr. Caroline Forbes, who he met in the mortuary, tag along for the ride. And what a bumpy one it will be.


Dangerous by dancingintherain01

Caroline Forbes is a girl with a dangerous past. She knows this, and does her best to keep a distance from anyone who could potentially get hurt by that past. That is until she meets Klaus Mikaelson, who has her questioning everything she believes in.


Deceit by Klaraholic

Klaus Mikaelson and Caroline Forbes were best friends growing up, but things changed when he moved away. Now she’s a hardworking FBI agent and he’s the most notorious serial killer.


Just Another Face in the Crowd by geekyclassic

Caroline’s fresh start in New York City has not gone according to plan. Thankfully she has an interview at Mikaelson’s Auction House. Klaus is the director of security for his family’s business. What will happen when a woman desperate to keep secrets and a man determined to find the truth behind the lies meet?


Undercover Marshal by Sci-fi Christian

United States Marshal Caroline Forbes was sent to New Orleans to infiltrate the Hybrid Organization, and bring it down. She didn’t know that her past would come to haunt her or that she would be attracted to the one man she shouldn’t be. Now, she’s compelled to save the one man she was sent to bring down, risking not only her job but her heart as well.


Most Promising New Fiction:

Coven by LoveOblivious

A war is raging in New Orleans between a hybrid King, and the witches, The Sisters of Brigid. Strangers upon meeting, Klaus and Caroline spend a night together, unaware that one of them is the hybrid King, and the other a Sister of Brigid. Chaos ensues when identities are revealed, leading to a disastrous turn of events.


Sweet Child of Mine by elisabethjj

An untouched tumbler of bourbon, a heart that hasn’t beat in a thousand years and nothing to do but wait. Caroline is fighting, Klaus is frozen like stone- the discontented wail of a newborn child pierces the grey morning and there’s no rulebook for this kind of thing.


That I Give You Not My Hand But My Heart by she.daydreams.in.colour

Sold as wife to Legatus Niklaus Mikaelson in exchange for the command of ten thousand soldiers, Caroline Salvatore resigns herself to a political marriage where her husband sees her merely as another pawn in the game of war. But on her wedding night, she learns a valuable lesson – sometimes one word is all it takes to earn a man’s respect.


Most Unique fiction:

Down the Rabbit Hole by wanderlust-bitethedust

Alice did not fall, Cinderella did not fit the shoe the first time around, and Belle never tamed the beast. And to fix the biggest misconception Alice, Cinderella, and Belle and everyone else were all the same person. A story in which an (unknowingly) supernatural 5 year old Caroline meets an (also unknowingly) supernatural 7 year old Klaus.


OT3 fiction:

Eyes on Fire by livingdeadblondegirl

After years spent with Caroline, Klaus sees lust in her eyes directed at another man yet instead of him ripping out his heart he finds himself intrigued.


Completed fiction:

By My Heart and Soul by TalkingToTulips

A cursed King forced to live from the sunlight and in a Kingdom of darkness; a mortal Queen struggling to save herself from an uncertain fate. When one finds the other, a story that they won’t tell in children’s books unwinds with only two rules: be careful what you wish for and hold onto your soul…


The Maiden in the Tower by Bianca Delacroix

In the forest where fairytales are born, the newest girl in a long line of sacrifices lies asleep while the spirit of an old witch feeds on her strength. Klaus is no Prince Charming, but to save Caroline, he’s willing to go on a quest to find the one way he might be able to wake her up.

Written by Samia. Find her on Tumblr and Twitter