Klaroline Awards Funniest Video Winner 2015: Klaroline Fan Dance Reaction Video by Jess K

General-Klaroline-ArticleWho doesn’t love a good laugh?

Well, I think it’s safe to say that Klaroliners could definitely use one concerning our favorite couple, and that’s exactly what Jess K gifted to us all by making the video presented to you in this feature.

Scenes with Klaus and Caroline together brought smiles to our faces many times… so it’s only natural that, even though they are currently on different shows, this fandom can continue to make one another smile – and that’s something that this video largely succeeds at.

So congratulations to Jess K and this video for winning  the ‘Funniest Video’ title at this year’s Klaroline Awards, it’s well deserved and very much appreciated! Check it out for a little happiness coming your way!




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