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'KLAROLINE BROUGHT ME BACK' Friday October 21st Twitter Trend

As we approach October 21st, keep in mind that the magic number is 16. 16 episodes until The Vampire Diaries officially ends. 16 episodes until we know if Klaroline will be endgame or at least if there will be a chance of seeing them on The Originals. In honor of this magic number, a group of Klaroline shippers on twitter have banned together to organize 16 trends!

Look back in the depths of 2013-2014, our fandom was so vibrant and showed our passion by hundreds of trends, both organized and spontaneous. We’d like to see everyone participate each Friday night to trend before the new episode of TVD airs. This means, we need everyone to participate, we can’t do this alone. Dust off those old twitter accounts, talk to KCers from other countries, we’d like to see every Klaroliner retweeting the trend announcements and reblogging the posts!

Let’s put everything we have into these trends! This is the last time we will get to do this! In a year, will we still be trending for Klaroline? Maybe, hopefully, we don’t know.

Join the fandom this Friday, October 21st at 3pmPST, 6pmEST, 8pmBRA, 11pmUK on twitter to trend: KLAROLINE BROUGHT ME BACK. Remember this is all caps and no hashtag!