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Top 20 Popular Klaroline Fanfiction Crossword

Hey there, Klaroliners! It’s November already, giving us not even two more months left of 2016. I’m sure some of us are hopingย for a better year next year (some understandably more cautious than others, but the sun will come out tomorrow). Fingers crossed for 2017!

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I’m hoping to bring you guys some enjoyment in the ever present now with your next Klaroline quiz. I’ve selected 20 of the most popular Klaroline Fanfiction pieces to have been written for the fandom by our exceedingly talented authors and inserted them into a crossword puzzle! Test your knowledge of classic KC works. Perhaps it’s time to brush up? Click the link and find out:

Popular Klaroline Fanfiction Crossword


(If you need some extra help, the answer key code is:ย 0246)