Klaroline Fanfiction Trends – Pre-3×11


One word. A blend of two names. Meaningless when you look at it. Two foreign worlds. Shades put together that do not seem to make any sense. No sense at all.

At least to me.

I have always loved Caroline. Cute, neurotic Caroline. Loyal and strong. Light and funny. As real as any other girl, with her insecurities and doubts.

Klaus? He was the villain. Plain and simple. Dark. The bad guy I wanted to see bite the dust. Sooner rather than later. Jenna, Stefan, Tyler. So many sins already.

Good versus evil. That was how I saw these two characters separately.

Simplistic, I know.

So if you had asked me at the beginning of season 3 what I thought of Klaroline, I would have been at a loss. You would have then explained to me the meaning of the name and I would have said that my hope for Klaroline was that Klaus did not murder Caroline in cold blood, that he did not use her. That he would just let her be.

You would probably felt the need to explain that you meant romantically – because clearly I did not get Klaroline – and I would have rolled my eyes at you. Because, again, it was a ship that did not make any sense to me.

Because nothing could be about Caroline.

Nothing could be about Caroline, not when everything was about the face Elena wore, which brother she loved, the people she had lost. Her special blood. Elena.

Elena. Elena. Elena. The portal to everything Klaus wanted. The girl everybody in the Mystic Falls gang was ready to die for. If there was ever a ”Klaroline,” nothing would be about Caroline.

Caroline. Always second best. Except with Tyler.

Oh, Forwood…

So, no, Klaroline was not something that I had any interest in. Simply because I had never thought about it. Klaroline clearly began as a crackship. Yes, that’s what Klaroline was. Just ”another random ship” that clearly did not make any sense. To a lot, me included I am sad to say.

Yet some took a step back and saw the bigger picture before any of us did.

It clicked.

Klaroline was born a crackship because these two characters ever being together was highly improbable. And that is why Klaroline has drawn and continue to draw so many people. Because it is unpredictable.

And that is what good stories are made of.

Most stories published before Klaus strolled into Caroline’s room do not have a lot in common, except Klaroline that is. They are first moments frozen in time. And then battles of wit. Confrontations. Of two worlds and two views. And temptations. Choosing sides. Right or wrong. And little by little these stories reflect and define Klaroline: a struggle.

Here are the trends for those stories.

– Caroline is kidnapped by Klaus:  

For some reason, Klaus has decided that Caroline was the best person qualified to be used as leverage. We are both horrified and thrilled to see them together…


Caroline Has Come Undone by MidnightTigerLilly

The Perfect Unplanned by Hybridlovelies


– Divided loyalties:

Caroline cannot forget that Klaus is the enemy but sometimes it feels like he is not. Stories when Caroline is caught between her friends and the man she is falling for.


Snow White Queen by afamiliarsmile
The Thanks We Get by fadingtales


– From hatred to love:

You what they say about hatred and love. The line in between is fine… So very fine… When Caroline falls for the man she has learned to hate.


Fire and Ice by Hybridlovelies

I’m on the Edge with You by prettypinklips

But it is not always about the struggle, sometimes it is also about being together.


– Moments:

Moments between Klaus and Caroline. Sometimes sweet, sometimes funny. Sometimes poignant. But moments which always show that Klaus and Caroline would be perfect together…


The Question of Love by simply-aly

Words Like Violence by fadingtales


Written by Samia. Find her on Tumblr and Twitter