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Klaroline Fanfiction Word Scramble

Hey there, Klaroliners! I hope everyone’s been having a good February so far and that the oncoming Single’s Awareness Day hasn’t got you down. If so, then saddle up and binge on some klaroline goodness, and if not, then get yourself psyched up for some V-Day romance starting here with the Klaroline Fanction Word Scramble!

Here’s how the game works: Each question is the title of a fanfiction work that’s been scrambled and the hint is, well, a hint as to what that title is. Be sure to check out the end of the article for the answers which will have links to the works!

Here we go:

1. I siMs uYo

Hint: It all starts with a shared dream and turns into a trip to NOLA that brings these two back into each others orbit. Also a good name for a Blink 182 song.

2. heT Pincer dAn eM

Hint: Movie AU, the one where Julia Stiles goes to college and comes home with a prince.

3. loHd Me

Hint: Caroline’s been having nightmares, but Klaus is always there to hold her together.

4. tRees

Hint: After getting into a car accident with Henrik, Klaus is in need of some tending to his broken nose. Enter Caroline.

5. souCple Teharpy

Hint: Muffin’s putting that Psych Major to good use.

6. derCool oYu nI

Hint: Klaus is a hot nerd that likes comic books and Caroline, and drawing Caroline in comic books.

7. aidreaPs Fro ehT soLt

Hint: Kol is Satan. Well, his son at least, and sent to earth to bring about the apocalypse; which Caroline is totally going to stop. Think Milton but with a couple extra words.

8. oru’Ye A sHiedou nighT snIdie

Hint: Teen Wolf AU where Stefan and Caroline are the Sciles of Beacon Hills and Klaus is the Alpha trying to take over.

9. A aDy nI heT fLie

Hint: After a run in with some witches, Klaus gets trapped in his wolf-form and what it’s like to be Caroline for a day.




Answer Key: 1.) I Miss You 2.) The Prince And Me 3.) Hold Me 4.) Reset 5.) Couples Therapy 6.) Colored You In 7.) Paradise For The Lost 8.) You’re A Hideous Thing Inside 9.) A Day In The LifeΒ