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Klaroline Fans Prepare for the Season 5 Premiere

A million years ago, okay more like nine months, we found out Candice would be in The Originals for at least one episode. Now, we are down to less than 30 days until the premiere and we know it’s definitely more than one episode! It’s hard to believe what many have hoped for (including Klaus Mikaelson himself) is about to happen, Caroline Forbes will be in NOLA. You get a beignet, you get a beignet, everyone gets a beignet!

While I’m spending my time pulling out my hair and generally crying, from sadness that it took this long and joy that it’s finally happening, some might be spending their days doing different things to prepare for KLAROLINE SCENES…oh and the rest of TO’s season, but mostly, KLAROLINE IN EUROPE, KLAROLINE IN A CAR, KLAROLINE IN THE SAME CITY, KLAROLINE BREATHING THE SAME AIR, KLAROLINE LOOKING FETCH AF IN MATCHING BLACK OUTFITS, & KLAROLINE T-O-U-C-H-I-N-G!

Let’s see what the Fandom is doing until we are blessed with our OTP reunion!

Moni has got the right idea, I’ve been working on my contributions to Klaroline Appreciation Week too. Can’t wait to see what everyone comes up with! Check out the event: http://klarolineshippersclub.tumblr.com/post/171545444824/welcome-to-our-first-klaroline-appreciation-week

Bless AO3, Fanfic.net, Wattpad, and, of course, the Fandom authors! We are truly blessed to be in a fandom with so much fanfic to keep us immersed in Klaroline 24/7. Can’t wait to see what AU dreams might become reality in the new season!

The general consensus is that they are rewatching Klaroline scenes! We’ve all fallen down that rabbit hole of watching just one scene on YouTube, then another, then another, then it’s 3am and we need to be up by 7am but our hearts are so full of Klaus and Caroline eye sex, blood sharing, smiles, dances, kisses, and epic romantic gestures that nothing else matters.

And this last one is me in a tweet.

The Season 5 Trailer for the Final Season of The Originals drops Monday, March 26th! Be ready to scream and fangirl together!

Are you doing similar things? Sound off in the comments section!