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Klaroline Interview with Most Resourceful Twitter Account Winner: @klarolinemag

The blogs team got the chance to chat with Erika (the manager who runs @klarolinemag), this years Most Resourceful Twitter Account Winner!

KM: The Klaroline Magazine is made up of a lot of team members, but we want to get to know you, the face behind our Twitter account, better so tell us about yourself!

Erika: For those of you that don’t know me, I’m Erika and I’m from Chicago. I’m in my 20’s, but party like I’m in my 40’s.  I’ve been managing the Magazine’s Twitter account for 2 years now (woof), but I’ve been in the Fandom since 2012 when I joined Tumblr and began the downward spiral into fangirl life. Besides being on twitter, I work full-time but I’m still hoping to win the lottery and be a stay-at-home fangirl *crosses fingers*. I also enjoy creating things Klaroline things in photoshop…sometimes smutty things…smutty things Joseph Morgan HAS seen (Courtesy of Andrew Lees aka Lucien).

KM: What’s your aim for the Mag’s Twitter?


Since I started managing the twitter account, my aim was and still is, to be the link between what’s happening on Tumblr and what’s happening on Twitter. I try to make sure those who aren’t on Tumblr get to see some of the amazing fanart and drabbles that don’t always get shared on twitter. Those AU Week’s definitely put me to work! But also I aim for the Mag’s account to be a central pillar for the Klaroline Twitter Fandom. Many Fandom’s have those iconic fanfictions or tumblr/twitter accounts, I want the Mag to be one of the first things people think of when someone asks about the Klaroline Fandom.

KM: Congratulations on winning Most Resourceful Twitter Account in the Klaroline Awards 2016! How did it feel for the mag to be nominated, and to then go on and win the category?

Erika: Thank you! It felt pretty awesome for the Mag to win this award because it’s a new one in the Twitter category and many people look to the Mag’s twitter account to provide new information regularly. Our Twitter account, I believe, was even one of the first to drop the TVD  Season 8-Only 16 Episodes-bombshell. *Cue the Rocky theme music*

KM: Is there anything you’d like to say to those who nominated and/or voted for the mag in this category?

Erika: I’d like to thank everyone who nominated and voted for the Magazine in this category, the entire team loves seeing the fandom’s continued support of the work we do. Support us and we will continue to support you and our amazing OTP!

This is also the moment I need to send a shout out to those KCers who send me articles and keep their eyes open for news that needs to be shared, my ride or dies, you know who you are! And to Arcena, aka @Originalsaaf, it was an honor to be nominated alongside you!

KM: And, lastly, what’s the environment like in the Klaroline fandom on Twitter?

Erika: It’s definitely not for the overly sensitive souls. Twitter has its share of trolls who just like to start fights, but there are also so many amazing people and many of them know how to stand their ground.

I’ve always been an advocate for the Klaroline Twitter Fandom because I feel like it gets the “Bad Apple” label all too quickly. Yes, there are those who cross the line and give the fandom a bad name (smh), but when Candice Accola, Joseph Morgan, Julie Plec, and The CW talk about how “Klaroline” is always in their mentions, that’s the Twitter fandom doing their part and keeping Klaroline a constant online presence (much to the annoyance of anti-shippers :D). Who asks Julie about Klaroline’s future? Who makes sure all the journalists know to ask about Klaroline? Who sends the journalists love when they mention Klaroline and/or the Fandom in their articles? It’s the Klaroline Sometimes-Problematic-But-We-Would-Be-Lost-Without-Them Twitter Fandom.

I’m proud to manage Klaroline Magazine’s twitter account and I’m thrilled people like the work I do. We have one more year of TVD to get through and I’ll be right here fighting for Klaroline with you all!