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Klaroline Tricks and Treats Drabble List

Hey there Klaroliners! I hope everyone has been having a fantastic October and that you’re all stocking up on candy for one of the best days of the year! (You don’t even have to give it away. Treat yo self!) In celebration of the first in the line of major end-of-the-year holidays, we’ve compiled an especially spooky (and a bit funny) fic list of one shots for your Halloween enjoyment!

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Here we go:

Back in the Saddle by Sophia Chase

As far as meet cutes go, I’d say this one is rather cringe worthy- which makes it all the more amusing. It’s Halloween and Caroline and the gang have taken to the bars as you do when being a proper twenty-something celebrating a holiday. Things take an even more interesting turn when she’s approached by a dimpled hottie dressed in an officer’s uniform talking about over capacity establishments and that maybe they should go outside. Even better is when it turns out that, no Caroline, it’s not a costume.

A Cape And A Purple Top Hat by LoveIsATemple

Halloween has been Caroline’s favorite time of the year since she was a little girl, and why shouldn’t it be? Dressing up, decorating, candy! What’s not to like? According to Klaus, plenty. But Caroline is determined to have her way this year, getting her and Klaus costumes to attend a Halloween party. He’s resistant at first but love requires sacrifice, even if it’s your pride. So long as he doesn’t find out that his actual costume didn’t really require a purple top hat.

Spooked by CelebrienTinuviel

Klaus and Caroline are both teachers at an old all-girls school, art and theater respectively. The night of the school dance the two chaperones decide to take up the dare to go to the abandoned fourth floor of the old building, said to be haunted by a nun who punishes rebellious students. What they find is something that neither them nor the hiding pranksters are soon to forget.

Just Like the Movies: A Light Hearted Zombie Romp by lilbreck

Klaus is in possession of something that someone else wants. What else is new? So what’s the best distraction? Send an army of zombies to attack the hybrid and his vampire lady on Halloween night so that you can get your hands on the coveted grimoire. A bonus for Caroline, since fighting an army of the undead has been on her list of big three movie monsters she has always wanted to encounter. But it’s not quite ’28 Days Later.’

The Laine Does Halloween Drabbles by LaLainaJ

Under this fanfic author, we’ve got a 3-for-1 one-shot containing different Halloween prompts:

Don’t Say Maybe

It’s Halloween night, and Klaus has so graciously volunteered (and by that I mean bargained) to take his little brother, Henrik, trick-or-treating this year. It won’t be so bad. Take the Captain America-loving 6 year old out for a couple hours, be back by 9, go back out to enjoy a curfew-less night out. That was until he runs into the angel -literally dressed as an angel- that is Caroline Forbes passing out candy to trick-or-treaters. Perhaps the night turned out better than he thought it would.

Party For Your Life

Klaus and Caroline are both presidents of their fraternity/sorority houses and Halloween is one of the biggest party nights of the year. So when Caroline learns that the party she’s been planning since she was a freshman is in danger of being overshadowed by the one Klaus intends to throw at his own house, she’s determined to get to the bottom of it. For all the holiday being about pretending to be someone else, true intentions are brought to the surface.

Got A Hold On Me

In his long life, Klaus has spent Halloween with all types of people in all manner of places. On this particular All Hallows’ Eve he finds himself back in New Orleans when he catches sight of a red-caped blonde, perfectly suiting his big bad hybrid tendencies. Turns out she’s not a stranger though. In fact she’s someone he’s been waiting for for quite some time.

Swirling. Twirling. by theoriginalcheesecake

It’s Halloween again, but this one will be like no other. Little Caroline’s parents have recently divorced and Bill has uprooted himself to New Orleans. Understandably upset to have her dad so far away on her favorite holiday of the year, Liz sends her to celebrate with him. While she’s looking forward to one of the most exciting Halloweens, Klaus on the other hand is going to have the most surprising one to say the least. It’s not every day you find your mate, especially when she’s so young. And human.

Moments From Klaroween by mrslackles

The 2nd in a humorous Halloween drabble series where Caroline and Klaus have been tasked (more like she volunteered them as tribute) with taking Matt’s kids trick or treating. No big deal, right? Wrong. Wrangling two kids into submission is taxing in and of itself, but getting Klaus to participate willingly? Turns out he might be a bit better with kids than she – or he for that matter- thought. Whether he likes it or not. Part 1 & Part 3

Klaroween by MrsAgentCooper

Ever since her junior year in high school, Caroline and Klaus have been the couple always dressed in matching costumes. Only thing is they’re not a couple and it was never intentional. At least as far as Caroline knows. Klaus on the other hand…

Sinners Like Us by iluvbrendonurie

Caroline is throwing the annual Halloween party for her class at the Lockwood mansion, and she’s intent on having a good time. Though with Tyler channeling his inner asshole and Elena being sunken once again into the mode of ‘gloom, despair, and agony on me,’ it’s proving to be a bit challenging. And that’s without the fact that Klaus has decided to crash her party and is intent on getting Caroline to admit that maybe she doesn’t hate him as much as she keeps telling herself she does.

Untitled by werethesamecaroline

What do you do when the person you’ve designated to get candy for the Halloween party you’re throwing doesn’t remember to do said task and the stock of the only grocery store in town has been reduced to a single bag? Fight with the really cute guy who’s trying to get out of taking his sibling trick or treating for possession of it, that’s what.

There you have it! Enjoy!

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