Klaroline Vacation Gift Exchange Goes Live


You may remember our announcement about a Fandom-wide gift exchange last month. Well, the time has come that the Klaroline Vacation Gift Exchange for 2015 has come to fruition and the gifts have been posted!


For our first annual gift exchange twenty-seven talented members of the fandom participated, creating drabbles, fanmixes, and gifsets about our favorite couple. If you don’t recall, the gift exchange functions like a secret santa exchange. Each person was assigned someone else to create a gift for, but no one knew who they would be receiving a gift from. All participants were matched together by compatibility of what they wanted to receive with what someone was offering to give using Archive of Our Own’s (AO3) challenge matching system.


But besides the fun of creating a gift based around Klaroline, everyone, participating in the exchange or not, gets to enjoy the gifts! Everything is posted publicly for everyone to see or listen to.


Right now you can check out these amazing gifts directly on our AO3 challenge page or by following the links to individual gifts on our tumblr. Be sure and leave kudos and comments to show your appreciation for everyone’s hard work!


But you’ll have to wait until the 12th to find out who created what gift, so be sure and visit our tumblr page for official reveals!