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Klaroline Valentine's Day Gift Exchange – Reveals

Happy Valentine’s Day, lovers! In the spirit of this most romantic day of the year (or just the one where you eat unusually large amounts of chocolate) we are happy to bring you all these wonderful gift exchange goodies! And I’ll tell you something, they are just AWESOME!

All of the gifts have now been revealed and are ready and available to devour on our AO3 Page!

Thanks to Cupid’s little helpers at the Klaroline Valentine’s Day Gift Exchange team for making everything happen yet again. It takes a lot of commitment and hard work to bring it all together and the contribution these ladies make is fantastic.

Thank you to everyone for submitting their gifts in such a timely manner. This makes life so much easier for the team and it is greatly appreciated!

One last thing love birds and it’s probably the most important thing: Once you check out all the gifts, leave the talented gift givers (especially if it is your gift) some comments and kudos and reblogs to show your love! It is Valentine’s Day after all!

And don’t forget to check back on the 16th for the final reveals to find out who created what. In the meantime, enjoy all of the wonderful gifts that are on offer!