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Klarosex Anniversay Poll


Happy (One Day Late) Klarosex Anniversary! We want you to flashback to that scene and tell us what was your favourite thing about the 5×11 scene.

1. Was it Caroline whispering “Good”?

gif 1


2. The excessive amounts of eye-sex?

gif 2


3. Maybe it’s the fact that Caroline kissed Klaus?

gif 3


4. What about way Caroline caressed Klaus’ cheek?

gif 4


5. Or the smiles shared between hybrid and vampire?

gif 5


6. All good viable option, though I wouldn’t be surprised if the majority’s answer has something to do with buttons

gif 6

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  • Sam

    The smiles because of how it showed their happiness, although all the others deserve honourable mentions

  • mary182

    Cheek caressing

  • I loved each and every part of the scene but I would have to go with the smiles. I mean it was after their kiss and it just…it was like taking a moment to breath and realize that it was happening and how happy they both were for it to happen. It looked genuine. Though just to point out it was still hard because they were all absolutely amazing and said so much about them.