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Klaroween Weekend

Klaroline and Halloween go together like, well, Klaus and Caroline! That’s why we’re inviting everyone to participate in our Klaroween Weekend event on tumblr from October 28th-31st; this weekend!

All you have to do is post your fanwork on tumblr using the tag #klaroweenweekend (in the first 5 tags) to participate and our blog will repost them to share with the fandom!ย  Post your fics, gifs, graphics, vids, meta and more! We welcome any and all Klaroline content.


It wouldn’t be as fun without prompts, so we’ve got a theme for each day; do as many as you like!

Day 1- October 28th: Tricks

This is the day for everything creep and scary! All you horror and angst fans, this is your day to shine (or creep out of the shadows).

Day 2- October 29th: Treats

If you prefer sweet, this is your day! Anything cute and fluffy goes. And if your treat is a little more on the ~adult~ side, just make sure you tag it NSFW ๐Ÿ˜‰

Day 3- October 30th: Costumes

Put Klaroline in someone elseโ€™s clothes (or skin) for the day! This is for all those crossovers or fusions youโ€™d like to see them in.

Day 4- October 31st: Halloween

It wouldnโ€™t be a Halloween event without a day celebrating the holiday itself, now would it? This day is for anything and everything to do with Klaroline celebrating (or perhaps avoiding) Halloween.


So join in the fun and share your Klaroline tricks and treats with us this weekend!