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Let's Talk About How Obsessed the Media is with Klaroline

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I’m Klaroline AF, you’re Klaroline AF, and, unsurprisingly, the media is Klaroline AF too.


Since news broke of the upcoming crossover, my email inbox has been bumping! Now most mornings, even sometimes in the middle of the night, I check my emails and delete all the junk, but the past few weeks, I’ve been waking up, checking my inbox, and squealing with delight. It was as if my Google Alert for Klaroline had been hibernating and now it has awoken with a vengeance! It’s been years since we’ve seen so much media attention for Klaroline and I gotta tell you, I’m loving it!


The moment the episodes ended the articles began popping up and every article I read had one common theme…Klaroline. *cue the squealing* That’s right KCers, the media is Klaroline AS FUCK. I’m not sure what I enjoyed more, the journalists declaring their secret love for Klaus and Caroline or the blatant shading. Now I’d like to countdown my favorite 8 Klaroline mentions in the media after the crossover that stuck with me. So, go brew that tea and get the popcorn because this is going to be good!


8. E!Online 

“The Vampire Diaries and The Originals finally crossed over again, and there’s really only one thing we took away from the whole thing: KLAROLINE.”

E!Online is us. A fellow Klaroliner described this crossover as “A Klaroline crossover disguised as a Klefan crossover” *waves at Gail* and I gotta tell ya…I think she’s right and the media sees it. Did anything even happen other than the phone call? Judging by the most recent episode of TVD/TO Rehash, I’d say no.


7. Hypable

“Unfortunately we didn’t get nearly enough bromatic moments before Klaus found out what exactly brought Stefan into the bar, but they saved it with the Klaroline phone call! After all this time, Klaus can go from murderous to mellow with just a few words from Miss Forbes. It looked like he was going to kill Stefan himself for a moment and all of the sudden he’s going to “ensure” his safety! It’s not like Caroline is immune to his charms either. While she was obviously hoping to talk to Stefan, she made a point (or two or three) of telling Klaus that Alaric’s babies weren’t hers and could not hide the affection in her voice when she heard his. It was so sweet when he helped her through her frustration of the baby crying and his ‘it’s not a crime to love what you cannot explain’ line was loaded with double meaning.”

Damn right it was loaded with double meaning! Hypable has published 2 other pro-Klaroline articles since the crossover, I think it’s time I unblock them on twitter…funny story a few weeks ago they tweeted something pro-Klaus and the therapist and since I didn’t want that kind negativity in my life, they had to go. Looks like they are back on the right team, but I’m watching them. *eyes emoji*.


6. EntertainmentWeekly

“Paul: When working with Joseph, there is always that glimmer of our characters being on the precipice of either saving each other’s lives or being mortal enemies. And of course we now have the added equation of being in love with the same woman, Caroline.
Paul: #teamklaroline”

So you know that little Julie’s Diary thing JP does after each episode? Well, Paul Wesley took over this week and that troll didn’t waste time stirring the pot! Is he really #TeamKlaroline? Who knows, but we have him saying he is and that alone will raise the sodium chloride levels. *evil grin*


5. Bustle

“I can’t deny that I kind of love the idea of Caroline coming to Klaus’ rescue rather than the other way around. As that phone call between the two of them proved, they still share a deep connection, regardless of how much time has gone by. And as much as Caroline tries to deny it, she has feelings for him. If she knew he was in trouble, she would find a way to help him. So let’s hope she’s able to track him down in these flash forwards. Because if their chemistry was that good with just being on the phone, imagine what it will be like when they’re able to see each other in person again. (*swoons*)”

This article I really enjoyed because it sounds like every Klaroline NOLA fanfiction coming true. How many drabbles and fics focus on Caroline heading to NOLA? They could really come true! And that chemistry! Klarosex round 2 please! Or are we on round 10 technically? It was a long afternoon. 😉


4. Bustle

“At first, the conversation started off with their usual adorable bickering, but things took a very heartfelt turn when Klaus told her how sorry he was to hear about her mother’s passing and that he knows she would’ve loved to see her with the babies. Caroline kept insisting that the babies weren’t hers, but proving the he knows her better than anyone else, Klaus saw right through her behavior. He knows that she’ll grow attached to them and come to love the children as her own. Sorry Stefan fans, but that conversation alone carried more emotion and heart in it than any Steroline moment we’ve seen all season.”

The adorable bickering! YES! The moment Caroline tells Klaus to refrain from gloating in the face of her misery, all I could think about was 4×19, Elena stole my prom dress and it’s not funny, so STOP LAUGHING! You think it’s a coincidence Klaus is the one to ask about her father in 3×14 then offers condolences for her mother in 7×14? I THINK NOT. The last line here is really that cherry for me, there is just no comparison in terms of chemistry. Candice and Joseph are electric.


3. A.V. Club

“Caroline’s story remains one of the weaker things of the season, but her call with Klaus is honestly one of the best things she’s gotten to do in ages. It’s probably not great for the show that Candice Accola and Joseph Morgan showed more chemistry over the phone than Accola does with Paul Wesley this season in person.”

The. Shaaaaade. Now here me out, pointing out the weaknesses in Caroline’s storyline means all eyes need to be on the writers, this isn’t a reflection on Candice, so rest easy stans. This next part…well some people just don’t have that romantic chemistry and for me, that’s Candice and Paul. I’ve never felt that they succeeded in pulling off the ‘in love/sexual tension’ moments, it has always come off as stiff and unbelievable; however, their interactions as friends was never an issue for me. It makes me giggle a little (or a lot) that the media can clearly see a difference in chemistry. Also, JODICE.


2. Inquistr

“The potential of Klaroline coming back together helped to give The Vampire Diaries a ratings hike it has desperately needed. It means it could be out of the danger zone for cancellation at the end of Season 7 despite it looking like the storylines are being wrapped up for an end.”

OH SNAP. This article just named Klaroline as a contributing factor to the ratings spike! I can already taste the salt and it’s delicious. In case you weren’t refreshing the ratings websites every 3 seconds on Saturday morning (not that I was or anything…I mean I have a life…jk my life is Klaroline), TVD went up from 0.4/1.01 to 0.5/1.12 and The Originals saw an increase from 0.4/0.87 to 0.5/1.07. What does that all mean? Well, if you want the nitty gritty I’d suggest doing a little research on your own, but here’s the big picture. The demographic is the key number to networks and both shows hitting 0.5 is amazing! Now be careful with those people that will say Klaroline is not why the ratings went up, make sure you correct them and say Klaroline is not the only reason the ratings increased, but hey maybe the anti-KCers who boycotted the episodes were the key to success. 😉


1. TVLine

“Obviously, we need to start by discussing Klaus and Caroline: If any of you accidentally follow me on Twitter, you might know I’ve never really understood their connection. In terms of that ‘ship, I’d always seen Klaus as an obsessed lunatic forcing himself into the life of a girl who wanted nothing to do with him. But this episode, penned by Klaroline Dries and Brett Matthews, took me to church and showed me the light.”

This last quote has to be my most treasured and it comes from the one and only, Andy Swift. What can I say about Swifty…hmm well he’s Team Anyone-But-Klaroline, he’s also good friends with Carina Mackenzie, a writer for The Originals. Andy on multiple occasions has expressed his dislike of Klaroline tweeting things like, “let it go. there is no Klaroline” and openly mocking the fandom at times, there aren’t many Klaroline shippers who look kindly on him or respect him to be honest.

So why did I pick his article as my favorite if he doesn’t ship Klaroline? Well, after watching 7×14, Andy has seen the light, or so he says. Do I 100% believe him? No and yes. Experience has taught me to never trust the journalists, but in this case I think there are more factors to consider. Either he’s watched Stefan time and time again being a crappy boyfriend to Caroline and has truly realized that Klaus is the better man for her or he knows something. As I mentioned, Andy and Carina are friends, friends who discuss the future of the shows, and maybe one writer friend told their journalist friend that there is a possibility for more Klaroline…and maybe this journalist friend is taking the opportunity to mend fences with the winning team. If Andy Swift can see the good in Klaroline, then there is hope for everyone.
The media is already on board with Klaroline, they want it, they need it, and they recognize the number of clicks it will gain them. This is not the last time we will see a surge of Klaroline mentions in the media, I think this is just the beginning for us. No matter what anyone tells you, this is what The CW wants to see, they want media buzz around the shows, and this Klaroline crossover definitely gave them that.