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Let's Talk About the Media's Reaction to the Klaroline Letter

When the spoilers about a possible letter from Klaus broke, I knew the media coverage was going to explode. The days leading up to the episode, there was plenty of speculation about what the letter would say, if Joseph Morgan would make a surprise appearance, and what this might mean for Klaroline. Unfortunately, Joseph’s sexy scruffy face did not appear, but we did get a LETTER. And the media FLIPPED.

The letter not only reiterated Klaus’ feelings and intentions to be Caroline’s last love, but it opened the door for Candice to hop on over to The Originals, this of course is most likely only possible if Originals gets a season 5, as season 4 has already been filmed…unless they’ve been keeping secrets from us. *prays* (The letter also pretty much negated any relationship Klaus has had or will have because at the end he wants to be with Carebear!)

The media thinks Caroline crossing over is a big possibility, so sit back, get a snack, and let’s take a look, in no particular order, at some of my favorite post-finale articles! Oh, I’m on a petty high, so excuse the sass.

  1. Hypable

Not to close the book on Steroline too quickly, but did we just get a Klaroline endgame? Because it kind of feels like we did. Klaroline fan or not, this is good news because it’s pretty solid hope that we’ll be seeing Caro on The Originals. Besides that, the thought of new love and new experiences is hope for Caroline’s future, where otherwise it could look pretty depressing.

Ah Hypable, I have a love/hate relationship with this site, they are Andrew from Mugglenet’s (yes, I’m a Harry Potter nerd) baby so I can’t really hate them but sometimes they are pro ships that make me vomit (Klaus and his therapist). ANYWAYS, Hypable covers so many different shows and if they see potential, you know it’s legit. Keep shipping KC, Hypable, and I’ll unmute you on Twitter.

  1. Cartermatt

Given what happened to Stefan, Caroline does need some time to grieve. Yet, you still do have to wonder whether or not this moment could lead to some others down the line. The Originals season 4 operates in part in a very specific timeline, and as a result of that, it may be hard to see Caroline appear over there this season — but what if there is a time jump at some point along the way? That feels like it’s possible, just as it’s possible that Candice King pops over in season 5. We want to see her honor Stefan and not rush into a new relationship, but we do wonder if at some point in her life, we could see the two pick up where they once left off. Their relationship definitely has some highs and lows, but they have a chemistry that is hard to deny.

This is great, all right on point, but if there is a time jump, I’m sure Caroline’s mourning period is over, so..let’s skip it. Besides, I don’t want Caroline and Klaus to jump in bed right away. I want and have always wanted to see Caroline fall in love with Klaus. For her to allow Klaus to shower her with affection and to treat her like she deserves. She’s a strong, beautiful woman, but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t need the romance and if there is one thing Klaus Mikaelson knows, it’s romance. But this article is correct, Klaroline’s chemistry is hard to deny.

  1. Hollywoodlife

Executive producer Julie Plec actually wanted Joseph Morgan to appear in the finale, telling TVLine, “It would have been just an incredibly simple scene with Caroline at her desk, running her new school. There’d be a knock on the door from a new donor. She opens the door, it’s Klaus Mikaelson. And he would have said, ‘Hello, love’ or ‘Hello, Caroline,’ and that would have been it.” Of course, many hope that Caroline will make a move over to The Originals some time in the future.

Hollywoodlife is a big Klaroline fangirl and I love it. This quote from Julie Plec makes me so emotional, if only Joseph had been available! This is exactly what I imagined when I heard past characters would come back in the finale! I melt imagining Caroline opening the door only to find Klaus Perfect-Raspberry-Lips Mikaelson smiling back at her.

  1. Romper

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve always been a strong Delena supporter, but I’ve never felt as strongly about a TVD pairing than I have for Klaroline. I will sail on this ‘ship until the day I die (and then some). So it was such an amazing treat to be given hope that these two may very well see each other again in the future someday… however long it takes. Add that to the fact that Alaric made reference to this being “the beginning of another story,” which seems to imply that their journey together isn’t quite as over as some may have thought. So does this mean she’ll potentially show up in New Orleans for The Originals? At this point, I’d say it’s not only possible, but highly probable.

This right here is my kind of Klaroline shipper. UNTIL THE DAY I DIE. This journalist is not only on board with seeing Caroline on TO, but they think it’s HIGHLY PROBABLE! *squeals*

Who would have thought that Alaric Saltzman would be the one to give us our endgame with one little sentence? Definitely not me.

  1. ScreenerTV

Obviously Caroline Forbes is at the top of the list, having had an epic (yet brief) romance with Klaus Mikaelson. That letter from Klaus in the finale was all but a promise that Caroline would find her way back into Klaus’ arms eventually. Even more importantly, Caroline now runs a school for magical children, which sounds like the perfect place for Hope to learn to control and use her powers. The door for this transplant is wide open, so we’d be disappointed if it never came to fruition. -ScreenerTV

YES! Another article naming Ms. Caroline Forbes, LOL not Salvatore, as the person they would choose to crossover to The Originals! If Hope becomes one of Caroline’s students…you realize all of our Teacher/Parent AUs could become canon, right?!?!?! And the sex on top of the student’s desks during a Parent-Teacher conference? Definitely. Going. To. Happen.

  1. Purefandom

Y’all know I love Klaroline, so this made me super happy and excited to see where their future may go. Now, I’m not saying all this out of disrespect to Stefan (baby, I loved you too), but I personally do love Caroline with Klaus. Ugh, we just need a Klaroline reunion ASAP in The Originals, am I right or what?

Almost didn’t include this because of that ‘baby’ comment, but the big picture is that even though they loved Stefano, they are more than ready to see Klaroline in NOLA. I have a feeling that if Julie gives Klaroline the chance to shine, she will not be disappointed. The general audience has always shown a love for them and will tune in if publicized correctly. Don’t forget to include hot hybrid sex!

  1. SeattlePI

Steroline might’ve been a fan shipment for the ages, but the Klaroline movement garnered a heavy fanfare as well. In the end, we’re shown a note from Klaus (Joseph Morgan) accompanying his generous three million dollar donation to Caroline’s school for gifted children, and it’s filled with the same kind of gentlemanly repose that made him an attractive match for her in the first place. Caroline’s still got an eternity to mourn her loss of Stefan, whom she said she’ll love forever. But is this a hint that she might eventually console herself with the one who intrigued her so before? Or is he just hoping this’ll buy him an early in for his daughter, Hope?

Ignore that “love Stefan forever” part, but keep in mind loving someone and being in love with someone are two different things 😀 Also, it sounds like Hope already got the spot! After all Klaus said HE wanted to thank CAROLINE in person, not she thank him. Anyways, I’m packing my bags and heading to The Originals fandom. BEIGNETS FOR ALL!

  1. Deadline

“You will see elements of Mystic Falls filter into the season that’s about to start airing. It’s been announced that Alaric Saltzman shows up in episode eight and we’ll actually see him not once but twice before the end of the season. He comes into lend a hand but also, of course, is there to mention this school that he and Caroline have been so busy running and how it might be beneficial for young Hope Mikaelson who is dealing with being a very powerful seven-year-old witch.” (Julie Plec)

Oh Jules, or as I like to call her, Mom. Okay before you throw up, hear me out. Julie I-Invented-Plot-Holes Plec said that elements of MF will filter into The Originals, after years of begging her to stop ignoring/rewriting TVD canon, she’s going to embrace it? If Alaric Saltzman is the reason my babies reunite, then I apologize for calling him crusty and a perv. Sidenote: Hope teaming up with Josie and Lizzie to form the 21st century version of Charmed is something I’m down for. (The power of three will set you free. LOL)

  1. TVLine

“It means a couple things to me, none of which are tangible yet. It’s a wish, not a promise, but I do think there are more stories to be told. I think The Originals has the opportunity to visit with some of these characters, and I think there are future shows down the line that can be spawned out of this world and could tell good stories. It’s a hope for the future if nothing else. It means a couple things to me, none of which are tangible yet. It’s a wish, not a promise, but I do think there are more stories to be told. I think The Originals has the opportunity to visit with some of these characters, and I think there are future shows down the line that can be spawned out of this world and could tell good stories. It’s a hope for the future if nothing else. Caroline lived on and carried on the legacy of all the good things she wanted to do. The one person who was so good at being a vampire is now helping other people with their supernatural problems. So Caroline will probably be alive and kicking for centuries, in my opinion.” (Julie Plec)

This is one of Andy’s If you’re a regular TVLine reader, you know I’m a recent convert to the concept of Klaus and Caroline romance.” Honestly, his character development is so admirable! This quote from Julie makes me squeal because it’s a possibility that we could see Caroline on TO. Yes okay fine, there are no promises, but there is hope. And for those who say Julie is using us for a renewal, all I have to personally say is…so? We all know what Julie wants. Hell, if Klaroline can be together on screen then I will call the CW everyday, and offer my first born, or at least an egg.

  1. Deadline

“Look, Caroline and Alaric opening up the school for special children is one avenue we could go down for potential storyline for its own series – maybe. I’ve always wanted Klaus and Caroline to have another moment, another storyline, another some sort of future. So, we opened up that world to sort of suggest that they did, when it was Klaus that donated all the money to start the school. But nothing is in the works.” (Kevin Williamson)



Hi, this is Endgame calling.

  1. Bustle

“Caroline, we just wanted to suggest that there was another whole chapter to that story,” Williamson says. “For me, I always wanted to go down that road. I always was so sad – one of the unfortunate things about having a spinoff show is that you lose the opportunity to have a storyline that you might have wanted to explore in the other [show]. I always felt like Caroline and Klaus never had the relationship storyline that they could have had. It got cut short.”

Another gem from KW. He’s honestly such a KC fanboy! It fills me with warmth but also sadness. If he hadn’t abandoned us, we could of had it all *insert Adele gif*.

Bonus: the amount of salt from anti’s that all KW’s quotes garnered will keep me full for decades. Delicious.

  1. 1. BuddyTV

When pressed by TVLine if the series finale of The Vampire Diaries will connect to The Originals season 4 Plec said, “After you see this finale, and when we get to The Originals’ finale, that question sort of answers itself. It sets the stage for either the future of The Originals or another piece of The Vampire Diaries universe. Whether we get the opportunity to go down that road, I have no idea. But it definitely opens the door for a nice iteration of the two worlds.”

Given those comments, it sounds like something might be set up for a future blending of the worlds with The Originals season 4 finale. Presumably The Originals will have its own season 4 storyline to deal with before getting to this point but it sounds like the season 4 finale will have some kind of cliffhanger that directly links The Vampire Diaries and The Originals. Judging from Plec’s comments it seems like The Originals season 5 could have a blending of Vampire Diaries and Originals characters or yet another spin-off or sequel series could be in the works.

You all read that, right? That a question from TVD’s finale will get answered in TO’s finale, right?! DO YOU HEAR WHAT I’M SAYING?



This might all be a ploy to gain our viewership and buzz, but hey, Klaroline is endgame with or without a S5 (suck it haters). The media loves Klaroline and is 100% ready for more. If Julie was a savvy business person, she’d capitalize on the attention reuniting Caroline with Klaus could bring to the show.

Thanks for reading and see you next time! Yes, there will be a next time…I have a feeling TO’s season will be very interesting.