May Fanfiction Trope: ‘Nothing works better than Jealousy’

We gave you three popular fanfiction tropes and you voted for your favorite – Jealousy. Let’s be honest, we’ve all either written, read or dreamt of a Klaroline scene where one purposely or unknowingly makes the other jealous, and we love it. So does the fandom. So Lia listed some of her favorite fanfictions that makes use of this trope:

Beauty and the Geek – Jomosfamilyjewels

Caroline runs a lingerie store next to Klaus’ comic book store and the two quickly start to develop feelings for one another in this comedic, light hearted fic with numerous hilarious comic book and superhero references. But when Caroline’s ex boyfriend Matt comes back into the picture, Klaus has to fight his jealous natures and learn to trust the beautiful blonde who, in this fanfiction at least, would be classified as way out of his league.


You Know You Love Me – GGirlxoxoA

Klaroline fanfic also featuring Kalijah and Kennett in which Caroline is a Salvatore living in the upper East side of New York, ruling the school with her two best friend’s Bonnie and Katherine. This Gossip Girl based Klaroline  fanfic is filled with scandal, backstabbing, jealousy and of course: romances.


Vanity – originaldarling

Caroline is an actress with Klaus set as her infuriating yet charming costar. The two struggle with fights, egos, the press and certain developing feelings for one another until something comes out of the woodwork that puts their newfound relationship to its biggest test yet. Jealous fans and acquaintances from the past.


Summer love, Tragedy – karensevani

Caroline and Klaus meet during the summer and quickly hit it off. But like all good things come to an end, once the summer closes they’re forced to go their separate ways. In this Grease modernized fanfiction, Klaus comes back to find that Caroline is no longer pining after him but instead with some boy named Tyler Lockwoodo.


The Alpha and His Mate – she.daydreams.in.colour

Klaus is the alpha and Caroline is his mate, however by some sick and cruel twist of fate, when he found he was mated with her he also found that she didn’t reciprocate his feelings back. Years later, once they’ve figured out their somewhat complicated relationship Klaus reacts in what he deems a reasonable way to Caroline flirting with some other lycan at a bar.


Nobody Else Gets To Do That To You – Diabolo Framboise

When Klaus sees Caroline dancing with Stefan at a party he feels his jealousy boil over to a point where he just can’t stand it anymore. When Caroline follows him to see what’s the matter he decides to prove to her that there will never be anyone else that will be able to satisfy her the way he can. Short, smutty drabble, established KC.


I Knew You Were Trouble – Irish Angell

Caroline is at the bar at the Mystic Grill when she sees none other than their (not so) friendly neighborhood hybrid on a date with someone else. When Klaus makes her realize that she really doesn’t have any right to chew him out for being with another girl Caroline becomes increasingly jealous. A cute, short drabble based on Taylor Swift’s hit song I Knew You Were Trouble.


GreenEyed Monster – Klausykins

A short, sweet drabble in which Caroline is told, by none other than Rebekah, about Klaus’ first love Tatia. The original doppelganger that happens to look exactly like her best friend/life long rival Elena Gilbert. Caroline’s jealous, Klaus is amused and Rebekah is just enjoying riling them both up.


Written by Lia. Find her on Tumblrand Twitter