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Meeting Your Klaroline-esque In-Laws



Meeting the in-laws is hard enough in a normal situation, in Klaus and Carolines situation it’s nothing short of crazy. So here is types of in-laws we would expect ito see in a Klaroline situation:

Elizabeth (Liz) Forbes

She may have been happy that you helped heal her daughter from a deathly hybrid bite (thus starting your romance) but I doubt she’s forgotten that it was your order in the first place that caused it. On her daughter’s birthday too, I’d say chocolate and flowers are a must. Liz would secretly like that you are protective of Caroline but would make sure you are aware that Caroline was strong and could look after herself. Don’t doubt that you’d be reminded every family gathering about how much ground you have to cover for all the evil things you’ve done.


Bill Forbes

If anyone is going to give you hell in Carolines life it’s this one. Half of the time you struggle not to kill him for torturing Caroline, the other half you are trying to impress him and show that vampires aren’t all bad. Note to self: Do not leave Blood bags laying around. On the plus side he could teach your favourite humans (if you have any) how to resist compulsion and teach a few good old vampire hunting tricks, not too many though you don’t want anything to happen to Caroline.


Mikael Mikaelson

Like the boring name suggests, this man is strict. The only thing he would like about you is how easy it is to manipulate Klaus to come to you if you are in danger, helping Mikael get rid of him. Step 1 for getting to know this in-law is running away the second you see him.


Esther Mikaelson

This was is a hard one, she knows very well how to manipulate Klaus, and knows very well how to involve you in it, remember the 20’s dance anyone? Sometimes you think shes not all bad, I mean she did throw a family ball and you got to dress up all nice and fancy, but then she did try to kill Klaus and all of his siblings so that’s not exactly a bonus point. Keep an eye on this one, she may seem motherly or nice on the occasion but she will always end up trying to hunt Klaus down, with or without the help of Mikael.


Caroline Forbes (Mikaelson) and Niklaus Mikaelson

Caroline would do whatever it took to make you feel comfortable, while Klaus would glare the whole time. It seemed a little too bad cop/good cop until you saw Caroline stab Klaus with a knife in the hand after a few rude comments directed your way. Neither is to be messed with, nor is the rest of the siblings, as you remember the family dinner where not only was the food thrown everywhere after a few arguments but there was several splashes of blood. The scariest part was that at the end of the night they all spoke about how “nice and tame” of a dinner it was.

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