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News: Get Candice And Joseph into the PCA's Favorite Duo

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It’s time for People’s Choice Awards nominations, everyone! If you’ve spent some time around the Klaroline fandom on twitter and or tumblr, then you’re aware that we are tremendously determined to get our ship on the list. The nominations list for Best TV Duo was released this week, and unfortunately Candice and Joseph were not on the list.

That’s okay, we expected as much. However, there is a write-in option so all hope is not lost! You may be wondering, can we really manage this solely on write-ins? The answer, is that we absolutely can. In fact, back in 2012 Nina Dobrev was not on the list of nominees for Favorite Sci-Fi/Fantasy TV Actress, so her fans made full use of the write-in option and got her on the final nominees list. She even ended up winning the award! Anything is possible in fandom, KC Family.

As we all know, we are still campaigning very hard for our ship to be reunited and this is one way to do it. How awesome would it be if not only do we get Candice and Joseph on the list of nominees, but if we even get them the win? That’d be something that could truly never be ignored, and we’d be all the stronger for it. The Klaroline fandom has practically perfected the art of being heard, and it’s about time we get a little louder, wouldn’t you say?


With that being said, we are urging everyone to write in, and here’s how you can do it!

Step 1: Click here for the Favorite Duo voting page

Step 2: Write in ‘Candice Accola & Joseph Morgan (The Vampire Diaries)’ in the box at the bottom

Step 3: Click Cast Votes



Getting nominated for this award would most certainly get our case heard, and we’re never opposed towards moving forward and into the right decision for our ship. Let’s get voting KCers!

The deadline for new nominations is October 30th. We only have three days, so get moving!