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News: The Klaroline Magazine Turns 1

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Because the Klaroline Magazine was a team effort – from the fandom for the fandom – and we are still going strong, publishing at least three articles a day and constantly creating new features, new projects and getting new members, the magazine has surpassed the expectations of everyone involved and continues to grow every day. And here are some messages from the team members, highlighting their experience with a mag over the past year:

I’ve already talked about how we came up with the idea for the magazine, how it has surpassed our expectations, so today I won’t do that. Today, on our 1st anniversary, a day 95% of people didn’t think we’d reach I want to simply give my heartiest thanks to two groups of people; the readers and the teams. Caryn and I may have started the magazine, but it is every single team member of every team and every manager who fills the magazine will all the klaroline goodness. Without the efforts you guys put in we’d be nowhere. And lastly, and most importantly a big thank you to the readers, if you didn’t support us and show your love for our little project we wouldn’t have made to a full year. So thank you x 10 to everyone and here’s hoping for many more years to come! — Tanya – Co-Editor/Fanfiction Manager


I haven’t been a part of the Magazine for long, but it feels like I’ve been here forever. Between the family-like community we have within the Magazine team itself and the astounding amount of support we have from the fandom, this is definitely the best job I’ll ever have. It’s definitely such a positive contributor to the fandom, and no matter what amount of shit we get from other people and fandoms, I’ve never heard word of the Magazine getting any hate as a whole (though I have heard Caryn curse the name of a certain Top 25 Fanfiction AU article). It’s truly amazing the work that has been done here and I can’t wait to see what the next year will bring us!  —Echo – Tumblr Manager


I am part of the original group of fans that Tanya and Caryn chose to help with the magazine and in the past year, I have loved every minute of being a part of it.  Being involved with the magazine introduced me to other fans who I might not have met otherwise.  I think the magazine itself has positively contributed to the Klaroline fandom by being a huge resource to fans to know what is out there.  Some fans might be familiar with fic but not with all of the videos or graphics or a fan might just be getting into the ship and it’s a great way to see different ways other fans express their love for the ship without being overwhelmed.  And I can only see it getting better in the next year as new people and content are added!~Miranda – Fanfiction Reviewer


The magazine is one of the best things that have happened to me this year. This fandom is so strong and unique and the people in it are fantastic. I’ve met so many wonderful friends here. The Magazine is one of the brightest achievements of the fandom. Tanya and Caryn started it and it has grown and developed and became part of our daily lives. I love working for it, every minute of it, and the people who work for it are simply brilliant. The magazine covers so much and gives a lot to the Klaroliners in the fandom. It’s positive, it’s sassy, it’s filled with talent and it’s a force of nature – besides every Klaroliner needs a daily dose of Klaroline. It’s amazing and I can’t even imagine life without it anymore. This first year has been an enormous success and I can’t wait to see what the next years bring us.  ~ Monika – Blogs Manager


I have been working for the mag for like 5 or 6 months now and it’s an experience I really love. Truth be told, before I made a tumblr account I used to visit the mag everyday to read the new articles and the pic of the day, and being the one who writes it now is just a dream come true. I’ve met amazing new people thanks to the mag and become friends with all of them. Everyone is so welcoming, nice and incredible! But of course we can’t forget all the sassy and funny moments we have had, after all you get to know the kc fandom even better. The magazine gives a magnificent opportunity for the fandom to be united in a way. Its like the place we all go to find everything related to Klaroline. Without it we would be lost. You want fics? Videos? Recaps of TO or TVD? Fandom news? The mag has everything a Klaroliner wishes for and more, so lets get a glass of champagne and celebrate the first year of the mag the way we know! Trending and partying until our minds explode! Hopefully next year will be even better, if that’s even possible. – Wind – Pic of the Day Compiler/Graphic Maker Interviewer


I have been with the Mag for only a few months and it has been so much fun! It is honestly so much fun and I am honored to a part of it. I’ve made tons of amazing new friends and everyone working on the Magazine is just super nice and helpful. The Klaroline Magazine is one of the most amazing things about this fandom and it makes me so happy to know that there are so many people working together to make this fandom happy. This year has been immensely successful and I can’t wait for the next! Xx- Elisabeth – Fanfiction Content Writer/Fun Stuff Content Writer


I’ve been working on articles for the magazine for almost a year (I wasn’t there quite at the start) and have absolutely loved it. I was always a casual fan that didn’t really interact with many people in the Klaroline fandom and now I know so many and chat with them about completely non-Klaroline related things. The magazine is a fantastic resource which has almost everything you could want as a Klaroline fan so lets celebrate a year and wish for many more! – Brittany – Fandom Opinions Writer


I haven’t been part of the Magazine for very long, just a few weeks, but the reason why I wanted to join was to keep up the hope the magazine represents. If the fandom can sustain a magazine with continuously updated material for a couple that hasn’t been together more than once in well over a year, then I think we’ll all be ok. I want to be a part of that hope. Congratulations and let’s keep going! – LaurenThe Originals Recapper


I’m honestly not sure if I would still be here shipping Klaroline, hadn’t it been for the magazine and for being a part of it. I had been a shipper for just a few months when I joined, and I was so overwhelmed by literally everything… being a member of the magazine allowed me to get to know so many amazing people and, for the first time, I really felt like I was a part of the fandom, and of something incredibly unique and special. Because of how huge this fandom is and because of everything that we’ve been through and still are going through, we all share such a strong, important bond, that I’m pretty sure not many other fandoms can say to have as well, and that means everything to me. To still be here a year later is mind-blowing, and it really doesn’t even feel like it’s been so long to be honest. I truly am in love with this fandom, and time passes way too quickly while being a part of it; I can only be grateful that I have found you all. – Giulia – Videos Manager


I have only been a part of the magazine for just over two months now, and it’s been a very fun wild ride. It’s been great being able to chat with everyone and contribute back to the fandom that has given me so much enjoyment. I think the magazine is an important part of the fandom and why we have still stayed strong and stuck together. And it’s also great for showcasing the talent in the fandom. I’m looking forward for the years to come. – Alison – Fanfiction Researcher/Content Writer


I’ve been apart of the magazine for quite a while now. When I first joined I was a little unprepared on what to expect but as each day came I found myself enjoying the experience more and more. This wonderful magazine has so many amazing people in it, and I think that’s what really makes this such a great place for the Klaroline fandom to go. Sometimes its hard making friends and when I joined the Klaroline Magazine it was as if it was effortless. Everybody is really here for each other and we really are a team. The Klaroline Fandom is very luck to have this magazine. A lot of hard work and contribution goes into making this fandom stay so preserved and so loved. I am truly honored to be apart of this amazing fandom. – Britt – HR/Marketing Manager


I started working for the Klaroline Mag a couple months ago and let me tell you did I feel like hot sh*t then! I loved reading all the articles and recaps and commentary and watching people play games guessing characters and fanfic titles that I was SO STOKED to become a part of it! Most of all, I love the understanding from my fellow KMers and shippers on contributing to the KM. With my life being so hectic and accepting a new job, I’ve been a bit absentee but I still feel included and like I’m part of the group, and I feel like that speaks to our fandom as a whole! No matter what is thrown at us, we keep on keepin’ on and that’s what makes Klaroliners the strongest fandom. And I think the Klaroline Mag serves as a daily and constant reminder of that perseverance and (as my father’s people would call it) chutzpah! Everyone on the KM is amazeballs and continues to rock my socks and Caryn and Tanya are two brilliant crazies for coming up with this and dedicating their blood, sweat and tears. I love all you masochistic nutjobs and I couldn’t dream of better company to keep. ♥ –Becky – Opinions Writer


I started working on the magazine team about a month after it started and when I got accepted I felt like the coolest person ever. I mean this is the biggest thing in the klaroline fandom. It was all anyone was talking about and to think I could be apart of this was amazing. It feels great to be apart of something so creative and big. It’s crazy to think that I’m one person apart of a network of people who make this magazine for others to enjoy every single day. I seriously look up to Tanya and Caryn for all their hard work and making this magazine a sanctuary (you did all this!). So anyways before I joined in on the magazine I was a newbie to tumblr in general so I didn’t really have much friends back then. But then I became apart of the klaroline magazine and oh my gosh I made a bunch of friends (thanks to skype). I finally found people who understand my obsession with klaroline and I don’t feel alone anymore. I can’t believe its been a year already but looking back the magazine has been successful and brought so many good things into my life and I’m glad to be apart of it. ♥Cassie♥ – Videos Content Writer


Wow, I can’t believe it’s been a whole year; time sure does fly when you’re being threatened to write things on a regular basis. What’s that, Tanya? Pretend you’re not brandishing that knife at me? Fine, I’ll give it a shot.

Being a part of the magazine has been been a great experience. I’ve met lots of great people and read so many fanfics because of it. I mean, it’s a struggle, having to read about the greatness of Klaroline day in and day out, but I manage. The mag has definitely made having to deal with the lack of canon interaction easier, which would make it worth being a part of on its own, even if it weren’t fun to work with other people who love Klaroline as much as I do. Dictatorial managers aside, the Klaroline Magazine is something I am glad to be a part of! — Jess – Fanfiction Content Writer


Happy birthday, Klaromag! One year! A year filled with new friendships and projects, laughter and tears. And hope.

It’s not always easy to be a Klaroliner but you sure made it more fun! Thank you, Caryn and Tanya! And thank you, klaroteam! You’re the best!

And whatever happens, we’ll always have Klaroline! Cheers! — Samia – Fanfiction Content Writer


Working with the magazine has been a lot of fun! Not only do I have a way to channel my love of the fandom into something productive, but I get to do it with a lot of great people. I can’t wait to see what we accomplish this coming year. Happy One Year Anniversary/ Birthday! — Erin – Drabble of the Week/Fanfiction Content Writer
I’ve been working for the magazine for a few months now and let me tell you how extremely happy I am to be a part of it! When people want to make a difference, they need to get involved, so that’s exactly what I did. I see messages everyday from klaroliners about how much they appreciate and love the magazine. We are at the heart of the fandom, the beacon of light in the dark. Being a part of the team makes me feel special. How many fandoms can say they have a whole magazine dedicated to the thing they love? not many. I’m so proud of the magazine! One year down, an eternity to go, and at the end Klaroline will be there with us! Thanks Caryn and Tanya for the dedication you have put into this! ~Erika, Twitter Manager


And from my side, there is something to be said about a community that comes together in a positive way when they are faced with a hopeless situation and the Klaroline Fandom just proved how truly remarkable they are over the past year. We were told so many times to just give up and move on, to accept our fates, but still we persevered, we grew in numbers, we trended regularly, we were represented at cons and in the media, and we passed our petition.

One of the reasons I felt that the Magazine was an important outlet because we were at a point where we felt displaced, we no longer fit into the TVD fandom because majority we were not happy with the way Caroline’s storyline was treated and then there was the fact that Klaus was not returning, and we didn’t really fit into The Originals fandom either because Klaroline is seen as enemy number one there, so we had to forge our own path. This is the point where many give up, this is the point where extra has to be put in to keep the flame alive, to float, to encourage each other, and many did give up, but the majority did not and the main reason why the Magazine has been such a success is because of the undeniable support of the fandom, both in contributing and by reading and encouraging. This is an achievement for all of us, and we all deserve to celebrate.

Here’s to many more years of Klarolove!