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News: Time to Get Voting Again, Klaroline Fandom!

It’s time to get back to one of the things we do best KC Family, fighting for our ship! Sure, it’s been quite a while since we’ve been in an online poll but that certainly doesn’t mean that we’ve forgotten what to do. The Klaroline fandom has worked very hard for it’s reputation as being forceful online voters. Which is really going to come in handy now that Klaroline is front and center for two separate polls. A scenario that is sure to be highly competitive yet for this fandom–not unwinnable.

A few days ago, a tweet from TVGuide Canada asking for nominations for their World Couple poll was brought to our attentions. Naturally, in an opportunity for the Klaroline fandom to shine, shippers took to twitter and began rapidly nominating Klaus and Caroline. It wasn’t long till the fandom even received reconition for putting a dent in the nominations! The following day the bracket was released and at no surprise, Klaus and Caroline made the cut. For the first round we are up against Danny and Ethan from Teen Wolf and each section of the bracket get’s exactly one day to vote. Our day is Monday, June 30th so get your clicking fingers ready KCers. This poll can be voted for here, starting on Monday!

Our other poll involvement is Eonline’s Best.Ever.Tv.Awards 2014. Of the two categories offered, Sexiest Moment and Tearjerker, Klaroline’s insanely hot 5×11 hookup is nominated for Sexiest Moment. Keep in mind that we are up against Damon and Elena as well as several other incredible television couples so it’s important that we remain consistent. As of currently, Klaroline is in the lead and steadily increasing the percentage. There’s been quite a lot of drama surrounding this poll due to the comments section but I strongly implore that you ignore and vote on! We’re trying to win this for our ship who we know deserves to win and ourselves, not for anyone else. That poll can be voted for here.

In a time where there’s no news or attention being garnered towards the shows, polls such as these are extremely crucial to our longevity. We must make sure to take advantage of the off-season silence and let our voice be heard. The Klaroline fandom is still here and intends on remaining here for quite some time. What better way to prove that than by winning two polls? This fandom is all about making points, so let’s make ours loud and clear.

Written by Stephanie. Find her on Tumblr