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November 2015 Twitter of the Month: @klarolineepic


It’s time for Novembers Twitter of the Month! This month, we chose an avid Klaroline shipper whose positive presence on Twitter is much needed for this fandom. And she is the newest member to the trends team, which is a delight!


And without further ado it goes to….


Farida – also known as Klarolineepic on both Twitter and Tumblr. Farida is a dedicated member of the Klaroline Coven and would literally sell her soul for Klaroline to rise. Among being an artist and an avid Klaroline fanfiction reader, Farida is a high school student. And out of all of her accomplishments, she is most proud of being blocked my Julie, Carina, Swifty and 99% of her NOTPs fandoms.


When asked what scene/moment captured her Klaroline shipper heart, Farida took a moment to reminisce. With everyone talking about the ‘famous trio’ aka the dreaded love triangle on social media and in her school, the buzz prompted Farida to start watching the show. And in the beginning she ended up shipping Delena, although that is a memory she wasn’t keen on reminiscing… so let’s fast forward to the epic 3×11 – where the Klaus and Caroline scene took Farida by surprise, overwhelming her with feels and she was all, Delena who? Farida went on to say, “the way Caroline wasn’t scared of telling Klaus that she thought low of him or how Klaus was so sweet with her, talking to her and opening her eyes to the world or how he cradled her to him later”.


We had so much to talk about, check out what Farida had to say below!  


KM: What is one of your most memorable or favorite experience in the Klaroline fandom?

Farida: When the spoilers of this season of TVD and TO came out and we all thought Caroline would be engaged to Stefan I was so scared that people would give up and leave but suddenly a person tweeted #HoweverLongItTakes and then someone else did it and then we started tweeting it one after another. It was so beautiful I legit had tears in my eyes, because the unity within the fandom on that day and the strength and dedication were mind blowing. It was proof of how this fandom could survive anything and come out stronger than ever. We truly are one of a kind.


KM: Narducci has been very Klaroline positive (if that’s the right word) lately, what’s your opinion on this?

Farida: I’m POSITIVE of the Klaropocalypse. I’m also feeling refreshed cause to be honest I think we all needed that ray of positivity and that push, and I don’t think he gets that he’s actually making us stronger right now. Mitch has been rude and mean to us for the past 2 and a half years so why is he being nice all of a sudden? And don’t tell me it’s for ratings because if it was he would’ve been nice at least from last year because the show was in a position even worse than this year. Also, I don’t want to have high hopes but all this Klaroline positivity isn’t a coincidence.

I’m telling you, the Klaropocalypse is coming!


KM: “I intend to be your last, however long it takes.”- How important was this scene?

Farida: VERY important. This scene is probably one of the best scenes in television history -Bless Dries for it- Klaus vowed that he and Caroline are going to be together one day like your ship could never.

Okay so first of all I will start with I intend to be your last: This is basically an indirect message from the writers saying that “irrelevant” love interests and relationships will come at Klaus and Caroline like a bunch of piranhas but it doesn’t matter cause one day Klaus and Caroline will find their way back to each other. Also, sterolize had this prom dance earlier before this episode and in my opinion it foreshadowed that the writers will go for them so the fact that AFTER this scene , a couple of episodes later Klaus told Caroline that epic line well it isn’t a coincidence. It means that yes sterolize will happen and yes Klamel will happen and maybe even other ships but it doesn’t matter cause Klaroline are endgame. There will be a second, third, fourth and even a fifth guy but Klaus is her last and vice versa. He didn’t say I’ll be the one after Tyler. No, he said he’ll be her LAST.

Now to the however long it takes part: This was ALSO an indirect message from the writers saying that Klaroline might not be together in a year or two maybe even 5 , and that it might take time so basically “Your OTP will be together but not anytime soon , because we like to torture you guys” ….. It could take years, maybe centuries but at the end of the day they WILL find their ways back to each other again it will just take time. Personally, I see it as the keyword in all of this. The writers never knew if Klaroline will have a place in the story right now and they can’t tell us when but it’ll happen eventually. I’ll be here twerking with this family when it does.


KM: It’s no surprise that we are all deprived of canon Klaroline right now, how do you personally stay so strong and footed in the fandom?

Farida: I read A LOT of fanfictions and I watch TONS of klaroline videos. I also might have their scenes recorded on my phone and I listen to them whenever I’m down (don’t judge me). On the other hand, being really invested in the fandom helps like you get to talk and laugh with people every day who are suffering just as much as you are but together you’re a bit stronger and you cheer each other up. I also drag the shows on daily basis so it makes me feel better lol. Other than that, knowing that Klaroline is still the most wanted Klaus and Caroline ship even after all these years makes me stronger and  knowing that the writers go to sleep knowing that Klaroline is still the superior ship makes the waiting easier.


KM: If you could only choose one character, either Klaus or Caroline, who would you choose and why?

Farida: #CarolineForbesDefenseSquadDefinitely my baby Caroline.

I’ve always been protective of her and she’s been my little baby even before Klaroline. Like I love Klaus don’t get me wrong that bastard has a special place in my heart but like Caroline Forbes has my entire heart. She’s my little sassy and sarcastic baby who is worth SO MUCH and who needs to be cherished until the end of time, and she’s going to realize it one day. I started getting even more protective over her when I saw that all these mystic fallers don’t deserve the smallest part of her. She has grown up so much in the past seasons, and I’m proud of that. The only thing that would make me even prouder is if she drops Stefan’s ugly ass because he doesn’t deserve anything from her not a relationship nor a friendship.


KM: We always like to end interviews on a positive, so for those of us that are beginning to lose hope in Klaroline, what would you say to them?

Farida: Two years ago I was so scared that people would give up on Klaroline and that they would move on. I legit thought that it would be forgotten within days, I was always like “The new ships will take over and people will forget about Klaroline” but what’s funny is that until this day on Klaroline literally RULES!!! So don’t give up because you’re not alone. You have an army behind you that isn’t going to give up. What I’m saying is that Klaroline are worth it and we’ve got nothing more to lose anyway… The experience, the fun, the fandom, and KLAROLINE are worth it. Whenever you’re down just remember that Klaroline’s scenes all together in total are 60 minutes those 60 minutes created a fandom of thousands that want Klaroline back, those 60 minutes trapped so many people that now can’t move on and we’re all stuck loving them forever. So if Klaroline isn’t Special then I don’t know what is, Here for Klaroline Always and Forever.


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